Best Email Writing Tips And Tricks

best email writing tips emailer tricks

In the era of developing all possible technologies, most business communication still takes place via email communication. Here you will find some tips on how to write a professional email, convey information correctly, and show yourself as a real professional. 

1. Specify The Subject Of The Letter 

Before sending an email to your employer, colleague, or business partner, you should add an informative topic. The topic immediately gives the recipient an idea of what the letter will be about, what is the purpose of your message and how urgent it is. Emails with the empty subject line can be taken as spam by mistake and eventually deleted or ignored without reading the message itself. 

2. Use The Right Greeting 

The first thing that the recipient sees after the subject is your greeting. An incorrect greeting can even offend the recipient. For example, the wrong name, spelling, or company name will put an invisible wall between you and the recipient. Also, use the correct level of formality based on your acquaintance with the recipient. You can use "Hey" when writing to a colleague or a friend. But for potential clients or other professional contacts, it is safer to start with "Hello" or "Good day" as more formal introductions. 

3. Closer To The Point

Worksheets should be short and clear. People browse a lot of emails every day. If you do not get to the heart of the matter for a long time, the addressee may simply not read it or get lost in the slums of your explanations. Be laconic when editing letters: use short simple sentences and exclude filler words and unnecessary explanations from the text. It is also better to avoid slang and emoticons in email correspondence (though in communication with a close colleague in the messenger, they are acceptable). Use simple but grammatically correct language. Stay away from unnecessary complex vocabulary, as this can sometimes make reading difficult. 

4. Design

It is safer to use classic fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman. The color of the text is also recommended to be a calm black or blue. Avoid using playful or hard-to-read fonts and colors such as pink and green. Do not abuse bold and exclamation marks, do not write letters with Caps Lock enabled. Solid capital letters will make you look irritated and excited, the reader will think that you are shouting at him. 

5. Don’t Forget The Signature

If it is a business email, do not forget to add your full name, position, contact information, and company logo before sending. This way the recipient will have the necessary information about you and call you if needed. 

6. Check Your Email Before Sending

Do not let silly orthographic mistakes ruin your personal image. In some cases, it is even better to send a voice message to save your time and make your work-related correspondence more productive. 

And make sure the recipients of your emails and messages are the correct ones. Don't be that person that hits "Reply All" by mistake with the wrong results.

7. Keep Important Letters

Always keep sent copies of your emails, as you never know when this information may be needed. Sometimes you may need to provide legal confirmation that you have sent an email (for example, when processing customer complaints). 

Expect Email Excellence 

When it comes to email writing, it's not always as simple as you think. Keeping these tips in mind can help to protect and improve your reputation or grow your business while avoiding embarrassment.

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