Best App Store Optimization Tips For Your Mobile App

best app store optimization tips mobile application

Who doesn’t want to have a huge audience and reach millions of downloads of their own product? If you are a mobile app developer, you have to know how to promote your application properly. 

The first thing to worry about is the visibility of your app in stores. App Store Optimization (ASO) helps you attract organic traffic as users will easily find your mobile solution among many others. This part of promotion includes optimization of the name and description of the application, selection of keywords, work on the icon and screenshots. At this stage, it is important to conduct A/B tests that will show which creatives convert more users. It’s recommended to include several keywords in your app title that the user can input to search for your product. 

When preparing an app description, keep in mind that the descriptions for App Store and Google Play of the same product may be different. In the App Store, the description serves only a marketing function - attraction of the users. Here it is important to describe its best features and competitive advantages. On Google Play, the description text is also indexed, so it’s important to strike a balance between user readability and keywords. In any case, the description is not an instruction, here you convince the user in clear language why they need to choose your application. 

Keyword promotion works best for products where the user knows exactly what they are looking for. Such a user writes queries for which there is a demand in the market. There are many factors currently influencing the position of your application in the store. If earlier it was possible to spell out keywords correctly and this helped bring mobile products to the top, now behavioral factors play the main role. It is important how much time a person spends in the app, how long he uses it, as well as the number of uninstalls. As a result, only high-quality applications can get to the top. 

When choosing an application from the store, the user pays great attention to the product design. The first impression is made by the icon, which should catch and lead to the correct associations about the purpose of the application. An ugly icon will be clicked a little, and you can lose up to 50% of the traffic attracted. High-quality app screenshots help to win the user’s liking. They should provide an idea of what the application will look like after download and highlight its benefits. 

Another important element of ASO looking at which the user decides whether to download your product or not, is the subscription page. It should demonstrate product benefits, terms of use, and be easy to read. Once your app is optimized for stores, you can start attracting paid traffic. And first of all, social networks will help you with this as they occupy a huge block in mobile app marketing strategy. The audience of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, TikTok is actively interested in new products and utilities. 

To find your traffic source and choose the right social networks, you need to take into account the topic of the product. Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit also have their potential to attract traffic, but they are more suitable for niche applications like apps for learning new languages

Ad networks are moving towards simplifying the process of buying traffic, so the importance of creative will only grow. Media mentions of a product, especially with a target audience, can also increase downloads. Sometimes it makes sense to start a blog and drive an audience to it using SEO. 

When you promote a mobile app, it is important to constantly analyze the effectiveness of the tools used, and based on the data, make changes to the campaign. In the field of mobile, you can collect a large amount of data about users, track every step and deduce patterns in behavior depending on geography, age, gender, and interests. 

Keep these tips in mind for ASO advantages!

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