5 Apps To Help Your Digital Marketing Plan

We touch our phones 2,617 times a day. This means that we are constantly connected through our mobile phones, social media accounts, and the worldwide web. With so many people staying connected in this way online, it’s no wonder that digital marketing has become the new norm. However, managing the millions of people that check their phones every second of every day, can be difficult. 

So, to make your digital marketing plan a little more manageable, check out these easy-to-use, marketing mobile apps.


It is important that you provide the same message across all elements of the marketing mix. However, sometimes this can be hard with so many social media accounts. Therefore, Buffer allows you to juggle all your platforms by posting to multiple sites at the most optimum time. You can either schedule posts yourself, or use Buffer’s powerful algorithms to determine the best time for social media traffic.


Another social media management app, Hootsuite can monitor conversations and post to multiple social media sites. However, what Hootsuite does better than other similar apps is its analytics. The app encourages customer engagement and allows you to track your stats and analyze the progress of your social media presence. You can truly understand what content is providing the best results and what is resonating with your customers. With Hootsuite’s Campaigns App, you can also manage contests and sweepstakes that you are hosting across Instagram and Twitter.


Have you ever wondered what your customers are saying about you? Well, Mention can help keep you in the loop. The app searches through social media, forums, and blogs, to track what is being said about your brand in real time so that you can react immediately. It also looks through these sources to identify what is being said about your competition so that you can stay on top.

Everyone Social

Everyone in your company should be a brand ambassador. You should be using a top-down approach to harness your culture and be sure that it is spread to your customers. Therefore, Everyone Social allows everyone in your company to share the same message. Through the app, you can get your company’s content to everyone in your organization so that they can share it on their own personal social media accounts.


Sometimes we run out of things to say, so it’s important to share relevant content from other news or media sources. SoAmpli uses its algorithms to determine what content is most useful to your business. It combs through the Internet and uses customer listening tools to find the most relevant content for your followers so that you can keep them engaged with your brand.

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be time consuming. Use these mobile apps to help you reach your target audience, increase brand awareness, and ultimately boost sales. Maximize mobile marketing magnificently!

I hope you enjoyed this article about helpful mobile applications that can help your overall digital marketing game plan.

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