Why Is Instagram A Good Platform For Start-Up Businesses

why instagram good platform for startup business

Starting up your business, building your customer base, marketing, and more is the most difficult stage of a business. Even on Instagram the first 1,000 to 10,000 followers are the hardest to earn which is why some, if not most, businesses resort to availing organic Instagram growth service

As this phase is the most difficult one, it is also the most crucial phase as you want to make a good impression. Knowing your target customer more and how they would review or react to your products is the first information you have to acquire. 

Instagram has been one of the most valuable social media websites in digital marketing. Positive results in increasing customer base, profitability, and overall business success can be earned through this social media platform. Some businesses even market and operate solely on Instagram. The app offers different features that provide great advantages for businesses, especially start-up ones. 

Instagram can be accessed as a website or a mobile application which offers the convenience of shopping at home or anywhere with just a laptop or a phone. Yet, convenience alone cannot cover how beneficial  Instagram is for start-up businesses. There’s more and here is a list of why Instagram is a good platform for start-up businesses: 

Analyzing Your Customers 

As mentioned above, knowing your customer demands and interests is the first step in strategizing. You must first align the strategies that you will be implementing based on the information you can get from Instagram. Services offered by agencies like an instagram growth service can greatly assist. 

Instagram has a special feature for business profiles. You can access Instagram Insights when you switch to a business profile or specifically make an account in this template. It gathers your followers’ age, gender, and location. More so, through the number of comments and likes on your posts, you can also get more information on what content you should be posting more. 

Direct Engagements And Purchases 

It’s all about customers, customer loyalty, and the end goal of purchases. Through the stories, DMs, and the comment section on your Instagram posts, you can directly engage with your customers by replying to their queries, comments, and private messages. You can also utilize Instagram stories to have polls and questionnaires like “This or That”, “Yes or No”, and more that can be directly about your product or something related to it that can stir up engagement and excitement from your followers. You can also solicit direct questions through stories. 

More so, as a start-up business, you would want to seal deals and purchases from customers as immediately as you can for profitability. The more customers and purchases you gain, the faster your growth would be. Instagram has a new feature called Instagram Checkout where users can directly purchase from eligible business profiles and creators. It will soon be available in all countries which is why it is important to grow your following fast since this feature may require a minimum of 10,000 Instagram following. More so, the swipe-up feature on Instagram stories also directly brings your followers to your product website. 

Additionally, one of the most convenient ways of doing business on Instagram is having transactions being as simple as sliding through DMs exchanging shipping addresses and payment options and details.

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