7 Tips To Get Instagram Followers For Free

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As the most popular social media app, Instagram has more ten million active users. Millions of pictures and likes are generated. Accordingly Instagram has become a major marketing method for a brand enterprise to pay attention to. This article will introduce 7 tips for you to get free Instagram followers

1. Choose The Right Time To Post 

There are so many pictures posted every minute. And a picture may be flooded away in an hour. As a result, it is very important for you to choose when to post your picture and get more eyes. 1. Post at When the Users are Most Active You may have an idea which kind of people is you main aims. For example, if your main customers are located in New York, you'd better to post your pictures at when the Instagram users are most active in EST. It will help you get more possibilities to be viewed by more your aimed users. 

2. Post At A Meal Or Break Time 

Basically, the best time is lunch time (11am-1pm) and dinner time (7pm-9pm). 

3. Post At Working Days 

The average engagement in Instagram will vary between working days and non-working days According to statistics, Wednesday and Thursday have the most users participating, while Sunday is the least. 

However, the above mentioned is just the common rules. It may be different according to the different products and audience. Please note that Insights in Instagram can help you analyze the most active time of your audience. At the same time, you can view the user's location information by country or city, and then you can know in which time zone releases can attract most free followers

how to grow instagram follower stats

Tip 2: Get Followers Through Activity 

Before prompting an event, you must carefully read Promotion Guidelines of Instagram to avoid the consequences of being banned due to illegal operations. 

In general, when holding an event, you need to describe rules, who can participate, how to participate, prizes, deadlines, and the time to announce the winners. 

Here are some suggestions for activities for reference: 

1. Follow, Like, Tag Activities Of Friends 

The most common and simplest way of activity is to let users follow, like, and tag friends. When you let followers tag their friends, you will come into contact with the potential follower base pre-selected by your brand followers. And then if these potential followers are interested in your brand and will continue to participate in this event, it will let more and more users become followers of your brand account. In order to avoid disturbing people who are not interested in the brand, you can add a "Tag a friend who needs baby gear" like the following example, and followers will selectively tag their friends, so that the selected crowd will be more targeted. 

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2. Photographic Activities 

Many brands hold photo contests to gain attention and increase users’ participation. Asking users to tag brand accounts and adding brand related hashtags when posting photos can offer good results. The contests can be anything that users can take a photo of it. It can be food, landscape, etc. that can help promote your brand. It also can be user’s selfie which is a buyer’s show for the brand products. It will help show and attract potential customers. A high-quality buyer show can not only increase the brand's trust, but also attract more attention. 

3. Voting Activity 

In Vote, users can upload their own photos or share their stories. But the most important is to add hashtags related to the brand competition and tag brand accounts in posts. The way can be to ask users to like the best and the brand selects the most popular one to reward. This needs a large number of users to participate. 

4. Challenge Activities 

If you need to promote an activity in a short time, challenge activity is a good choice. You just offer a small challenge, such as asking the users to answer questions, or guess the answer in the picture. This kind of activity cannot be very complicated or too difficult, so more users can participate. The picture below is a simple way for users to guess how many marble beads there are. 

instagram growth giveaway hashtags

Tip 3: Hashtags 

On Instagram, a correct and effective hashtag is very important, because users can search your posts through the hashtag. A post can be added with up to 30 hashtags, but too many will influence the user experience. According to some data, posts with more than 11 hashtags are most interactive, and can get more exposure and let more potential fans see. 

How to setup Hashtags more creatively to get more followers? 

1. Choose A More Accurate Hashtag For Target Audience 

Don't tag your posts with common hashtags like #love or #happy. Although these hashtags may make you more likes, these hashtags can't help a company to get more target followers with high engagement. Choose hashtags that describe your account, brand business, target audience and location. A post with much more accurate hashtags will be much easier for followers to find. 

2. Interact With Hashtag Posts With Of Your Target Audience 

Spend some time to like and comment on posts with these hashtags every day, and let them return to your account to get the attention of the target population. 

Tip 4: Publish A Story 

In addition to pictures, Story becomes important. Instagram users have been more enthusiastic about watching and creating stories. Don't forget to add hashtag and position when you publish a story. Except being displayed on the homepage, your story can also appear on the search page of position and hashtag. More potential followers can see your wonderful content. 

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Tip 5: Cross Promotion of Social Media Platforms 

Spread your Instagram account handle and link on your other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. For example, you can connect a Facebook account and auto-follow all Facebook friends. When they follow you or follow  you back, your Instagram followers will increase rapidly. 

You can also post on other platforms to share your beautiful photos or videos of Instagram to attract users to watch more similar content on your Instagram. Please add an Instagram homepage link in the introduction. Or add an Instagram tab to the Facebook account to increase the exposure of the Instagram account. 

instagram post promotions cta custom link

Tip 6: A CTA Title 

Call to action (CTA) is very helpful. When you post, you need to consider how you want your audience to respond to your post, and express it clearly in the description to let them know what you want them to do directly. For example, in the description, you can ask them to like, propose questions, and interact with them in the comments. It is a good way to increase participation and exposure. Those are some examples. "Double tap if this made you laugh!" "Comment with a witty caption." "Which should win? A or B? Comment to vote!" 

Tip 7: Unique Visual Style 

A unique and easily-recognizable visual style on Instagram will make your special and impressive. Instagram is like a digital magazine. You can choose the same theme or the same feeling of the content. You can apply a specific element of the brand to all published content, thus presenting a strong brand style, making it easier for users to remember and recognize content. 


After reading these, did you get how to gain more followers? Anyway, everyone can have his own methods to get Instagram followers. We also have an easy-to-use but helpful get Instagram followers app - GetInsta. It offers you the easiest way to get free followers on Instagram. Just try it now.

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