How You Can Get People To Attend Your Virtual Event

how to get people to attend business virtual event

If you have been looking to promote your online event but you aren’t sure how to get the word out there, then you need to come up with a strategy. Promoting an event online is both similar and different than advertising for an in-person event, so you will want to keep this in mind when you’re thinking about how you can get attendees all signed up. 

Here are some ways you can promote your virtual event and create some buzz around it. 

Have A Dedicated Page On Your Website 

While you will want to make sure that you place your even on a number of event platforms, you’re also going to want to consider looking into having your own sales page on your website. Not only does this make it easier to find with a Google search, but it also helps fans find when you are running events. You should consider adding a WordPress event registration plugin to make the process of signing up super simple and so attendees don’t have to leave your site. 

Run Ads To The Sales Page 

Running online ads is a simple and effective way to reach new customers and encourage them to check out your event. You can do this on a number of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and through Google Ads. Make sure you are targeting the right people so you aren’t running ads to those who would not be interested and that you aren’t wasting your time and your budget. 

Promote On The Right Social Media Platforms 

Which social media pages you promote your event on can have a big impact of whether or not you will attract the right people. If you are planning on posting about the online event on Facebook, then you might be expecting an older crowd. However, if you are posting on Instagram you might interest an entirely different age group with a different price point. You need to think deeply about who is on each platform and who would most likely be interested in signing up for your event. 

You might also consider hosting a giveaway for someone to attend for free or for someone to get exclusive access to and information beforehand. VIP spots (even if they are virtual) can drive a lot of interest to your event. 

Remind Attendees A Few Days Before 

When hosting an online event, it can be a lot easier to forget when you are attending. You will also want to provide some information on how they can join and what they can expect since sending a link to an event one time might not be enough. This is a crucial step because if attendees have a difficult time logging in, you’re going to be receiving a lot of customer complaints and you might have to issue refunds. 

In Summary 

Hosting an online event can be a challenge —especially if you are used to putting on live events. However, the basics are much the same and with a little strategy, you can put together an event that will sell.

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