Traffic Signs To Be Aware Of While Driving

traffic signs be aware of driving

All road users should strictly follow the road signs especially the motorist. Driving and Traffic schools should carry out due diligence to ensure that all drivers are well aware of the traffic signs on the road for their safety and other road users. Following traffic signage is important as it helps both the driver and pedestrians to be aware of what is coming up and what's crucial for them to be aware of while using the road. 

Here is the traffic signage that you need to be aware of while on the road: 

Regulatory Signs 

The signs can be easily noticed from the background colors which are usually red, white, and black. Regulatory signs are meant to create or give rules that are specific to particular traffic situated in areas where they are based. Some of the regulatory signs to be aware of are: 

• Stop 

You can easily notice these from their red and white octagonal shaped road signs. The motorist must stop at the white line to give way to other road users who do not need to stop while using the road. As a driver, you may opt to hire road signs like the stop sign to keep you safe from accidents when your motor vehicles break down along the highway. 

• Wrong-Way 

These are rectangular red and white signs that may be followed by a DO NOT ENTER sign. Upon spotting the sign on the road, you need to drive to the side and stop, when the road is the clear turnaround and proceed to the side of the road you are driving at initially. 

• Speed

Speed limit signs are meant to set the recommended maximum or minimum speed at which motor vehicles should drive at a particular stretch of the road. 

Warning Signs 

Warning signs are usually can be easily noticed by their yellow background color. They are either diamond or pentagon-shaped road signs. They are meant to show when too slow down or pay attention to a special condition. You need to take note of the following warning signs while on the road. 

• Road works and maintenance 
• Animals crossing the road 
• Corners 
• Heavy vehicles 
• Bridges 

Guided Road Signs 

These are meant to provide information about the highways and directions about specific destinations. Highway or road names are usually provided on the road signs. You can easily notice these signs from their square or rectangular shape and are green or brown. You need to be aware of the following signs; 

 Destinations Distance: This provides distances in miles or kilometers left to your next cities or major destinations. 

 Highway Exit Signs: These provide the exit number or name of the road you will be connecting to. 

It is important to be aware of the road signs while using the road to protect yourself and other road users. As a motorist, you may want to hire road signs that every motorist should have on their vehicle. By following these basic road signs, you could help save the lives of about 1.35 million people who perish on the road yearly. Drive safe!

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