High Vibration Tanzanite Stone Meaning

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Today, there are around 200 natural gemstones in the world. While there are hundreds available, some are rarer than others, which gives them significance in many cultures. 

For example, there is the tanzanite stone, which is not only gorgeous, but also a rare gem. 

What is the tanzanite stone meaning? And how can this valuable gem transform your life? Keep reading to find out more about the Tanzanite gem! 

What Is Tanzanite? 

Tanzanite stone is a rare, blue mineral that's only found in Tanzania. In fact, there's only one area you can find it in: at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Tanzanite is actually the blue variety of the mineral zoisite, which also has color variations of green, red, pink, and purple. 

Because tanzanite is only found in one specific location on the planet, plus we're constantly mining these gemstones, you can bet that the price for tanzanite is not cheap. However, it's definitely worth having, so read on to find out why. 

Tanzanite Stone Meaning 

In Western cultures, the tanzanite stone has a lot of meaning. It's the birthstone for December, which means those born in this month highly value tanzanite. In addition, it's the 24th-anniversary gemstone, which means that couples who make it to this anniversary will surely seek it out to commemorate the milestone. 

Considering it is very rare, tanzanite as a gift can hold great significance. For example, you can give it to your loved one to show that you're serious about them and your relationship. 

Tanzanite Spiritual Meaning 

Like with many other gemstones, tanzanite also holds some spiritual meanings as well. More specifically, it is believed to hold special healing powers. 

For its spiritual meaning, people associate tanzanite with poise, harmony, and composure. In ancient meditation, people used tanzanite to stimulate the chakras found in the throat, third-eye, and crown. 

Tanzanite is known as the stone of transformation, plus it can help you activate both your psychic abilities and vibratory rate. This means you can communicate more easily with spirits. 

When it comes to healing, people believe that tanzanite can improve healing powers overall. Not only that, but this gemstone can also protect healers. 

Also, you would be surprised to learn that tanzanite can be used to treat health problems as well. In particular, tanzanite can help with disorders of the skin, ears, and eyes. You can also use it to help clear your throat and lungs if you have respiratory issues. 

Lastly, tanzanite is great for boosting your immune system. So if you or a loved one are going through a rough time medically, it won't hurt to introduce some tanzanite into your lives. We predict it will enhance your life

Add Tanzanite to Your Life 

Now you know the tanzanite stone meaning. As you can see, it holds lots of significance, whether it is used solely for jewelry or for spiritual and healing purposes. 

Whatever you use this precious gem for, one thing is clear: tanzanite can really improve your life and clarify your future

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