Spinel And Sapphire Gemstone Guide

spinel saphire gemstone guide

There is a gemstone that is harder than the tourmaline and has a variety of colors. It is very similar to ruby. It has been mistaken for rubies by many royal families since ancient times, and it is set in their own crown. This beautiful and low-key gem is spinel. 

The two most famous spinels in history are "Timur ruby" and "Black Prince’s Ruby". The former weighs 361ct and is dark red. It may come from Afghanistan. Since 1612, this famous spinel has been praised as the "tribute of the world" in the east. The latter weighs about 170ct and is produced in Burma. It is set in a prominent position in the crown of the British King. These two stones were thought to be rubies by the British royal family for centuries until the modern era when they were all identified as red spinel custom necklace name cheap

The name spinel originated from the Latin word "thorn" because its ends are obelisk. In ancient Greek, the literal meaning is "spintharis", indicating that it has a bright red color. Spinel has been a precious gem since ancient times. Due to its beauty and rarity, it is an irresistible charm for gem worshippers. It is one of the most fascinating gemstones in the world. 

Why Is Spinel So Popular With Consumers And Even Royalty? 

Due to the different elements, different spinels can have different colors, such as magnesia spinel between red, blue, green, brown or colorless; zinc spinel is dark green; iron spinel is black. Red spinel is loved by its beautiful color, bright luster, high hardness and moderate price. Since the 1980s, it has been a very popular mid-range gem in the international market. The red spinel, which is large in size and beautiful infinity name necklace (this one) in color, is extremely rare and valuable. Blue spinel is also popular if its color is close to sapphire. 

Distribution Of Origin

Most of the gem-quality spinels are produced in alluvial gravel deposits in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Mogok in Myanmar. High-quality spinels are often associated with rubies. High quality medieval spinel name necklace cheap comes from Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka has spinels of various colors. 

Spinel prices have risen several times in the past five years. According to the size and color of the spinel, one carat can be worth hundreds of dollars or more, and spinel with a good quality and weight of more than 15 carats can be sold for thousands of dollars per carat. Throughout the history of necklace with picture jewelry, tanzanite, once a substitute for sapphire, is now thriving on its own. And the "perfect substitute" for rubies, spinel, and its own time is bound to come soon. 

The evaluation criteria of spinel are consistent with the general gemstone standard, and are evaluated in terms of color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. 

Special Attention Should Be Paid To The Difference Between Spinel And Ruby

The spinel is homogeneous and has no birefringence, while the ruby ​​is one- axis crystal negative and has birefringence. Intuitively, the spinel sees the same color from different directions, while the ruby ​​looks slightly different in color from different directions. This is what the industry calls polychromatic spinel projection necklace. 

The English sapphire is generally considered to be derived from the Greek “sappheiros”, meaning blue stones. It is a generic name for corundum gemstones in addition to ruby in corundum gemstones. The main component is alumina (Al2O3). 

Blue sapphire is caused by a small amount of titanium (Ti) and iron (Fe) impurities; the color of sapphire can be pink, yellow, green, white, or even a variety of colors in the same stone, but none of these sapphires are worth much. The only precious non-blue color is a pink - orange sapphire called Padparacha or Padparadja. 

The origin of sapphire is in Thailand, Myanmar, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Madagascar, Kashmir, Laos, Cambodia in Africa, among which the rarest origin should belong to the Kashmir. There are also gemologists who point out that only three places in the world produce superior sapphires: Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. The blue sapphire bracelet and necklace for girlfriends produced in Myanmar is considered a treasure by collectors, and its color is reminiscent of the sky and the ocean. 

According to the American Gemological Institute, medieval clerics would set blue sapphires on their priestly rings because the color was a symbol of heaven. 

Famous Super Sapphires

There is a rarer "star sapphire" in sapphire. It has needle-like fine impurities inside, resulting in an optical effect called star awn. Famous star sapphire such as “Indian Star” and “Queensland Black Star” have made headlines and achieved worldwide fame. 

The 563-carat "Indian Star" is probably the most famous star sapphire in the world. It appeared at the Sri Lankan mine more than 300 years ago. It was once the treasure of J.P. Morgan, the American financial giant. In 1900, Morgan donated it to the American Museum of Nature. The 733-carat "Queensland Black Star" is the world's largest star sapphire, discovered in Australia in the 1930s. It was essentially too large to fit on a traditional jewelry chain, which had to be fortified to make it strong enough.

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