SEO for Car Dealerships: 5 Strategies That Work

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Search engine optimization(SEO) is a process that works for any business that has a presence online. If you don't have an online presence as of yet, SEO is the route to building one. 

We're going to talk about SEO for car dealerships today, giving you some ideas for ways to generate business online through digital marketing. Hopefully, the ideas below can park a little inspiration to tap into the value that's available with a well-marketed website. 

Let's look at five search engine optimization methods that can work for your auto sales business. 

5 Top SEO Strategies For Car Dealers

1. Local Optimization 

As a car dealership, your customer base comes from the area you're located in. Local optimization gives you the opportunity to reach users who are searching for location-specific information. For example, searching "restaurants near me" will bring up results that only pertain to the area. 

Additionally, a few of the automotive sites listed will have images, business information, and reviews. Those coveted positions are called the "snack pack." Optimizing for local searches can help your car dealership land in a position that will make it easy for people to find, call, and make purchases from you. 

2. Auto Content 

Another effective method for dealerships is to produce content that taps your autobody knowledge. Some vehicle keyword research should tell you the kinds of issues that people in your area are having. Once you find a keyword phrase that relates to your dealership, write blog content that answers the user's concern. 

For example, "how to change your oil" might be a popular term in your area. You can then write content that includes that phrase in key locations and answers the question posed. Then, the next time someone near you searches that phrase, your post will inform them and guide them to your services. A blogger outreach service will help you to write or place articles that can generate organic traffic for your auto dealership.

3. Cultivating Reviews 

Positive business reviews are a road to high rankings and a position in the snack pack. It's tough to get those reviews out of the blue, though. 

Do your part to incentivize customers to leave positive business reviews on Google or Yelp. Those reviews will entice others to visit you, but they'll also ramp up your optimization results in the process. 

4. PPC Advertising 

PPC ads are one of the most effective used car marketing strategies in this day and age. 

These ads are infused into relevant users' social media feeds and search engine results pages. The key is to identify where your customer base spends the most time online and market to them with ads. PPC stands for "pay-per-click," and only charges you when your ad is engaged with. 

5. Back-End Optimization 

The final touch to work on is the optimization of your actual website. Google takes into account page speed, user experience, dead links, and a lot more. 

Fine-tuning your website for these factors can really set you apart from competition. Keep in mind that a lot of small businesses aren't up on SEO practices yet, so you'll be in an advanced position with a few small tweaks. 

Want to Try SEO for Car Dealerships? 

There's nothing stopping you from exploring the different methods of SEO for car dealerships. We're here to help you on your way to auto sales excellence. 

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