3 Easy Ways to Buy a Used Shipping Container

used shipping container for sale

Shipping containers are a versatile solution for storage and shipping. Did you know that shipping containers have been converted into unique offices, cafes, and even homes? 

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No matter what your need is for a shipping container, we are here to help you find an affordable shipping container for sale. Buying used is a fantastic way to get what you need without breaking the bank. We are here to show you how to purchase pre-owned shipping containers frugally! 

Before Buying a Shipping Container for Sale 

Before you dive into purchasing a used shipping container, you will want to do some research first. 

Figure out what size shipping container you need. Shipping containers can range in size from under 8' to over 53' long. 

You'll also want to decide what grade, or condition, you want your container to be. The common grades are New (One-trippers), Certified (Cargo Worthy, or CW), Wind and Water Tight (WWT), and As-Is. Consider what each offers and compromises on. 

After deciding what size and condition you want, you are ready to buy. Here are 3 easy ways to buy a used shipping container. 

1. Container Sales Company 

A dependable source for purchasing used shipping containers is directly through a trusted supplier. Shipping container dealers will be able to walk you through your purchase and make helpful recommendations. 

Trusting a container sales company is a smart move. They can ensure quality control and facilitate the delivery process. They also have access to large inventories, giving you a wider selection. 

2. Auction Sites 

Another way to buy used shipping containers for sale is through auction websites. Two popular choices are eBay and Shipped. 

If you choose to go the auction route, you get to control how much you're willing to pay through your bids. 

Be sure to factor in shipping costs, as eBay does not offer delivery. Search for local trucking companies to complete the delivery for you. The majority of the delivery fees will be for fuel, so keep in mind that longer trips will increase your fee. 

3. Local Markets 

If you want to cut down on delivery and fuel costs, you can search for "shipping containers for sale near me." 

Sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are good local online markets to start your search in. 

Prices may be affordable, but you'll want to double-check the quality before you commit. Do a thorough in-person inspection before sending payment. 

You'll want to make sure the seller isn't claiming the container to be Wind and Water Tight when it's actually in As-Is condition. 

Ready to Create with Shipping Containers? 

Now you know 3 easy ways to find a used shipping container for sale. Now, it's time to commit and get creative. Will you use your shipping container for storage? Or do you plan to construct it into a fully-functional space? 

No matter how you choose to use your shipping container, we're glad to have helped you find an affordable way to do it. Make sure to check out more of our articles on shipping containers, storage, transportation, and logistics.

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