Benefits of Moving a Business into Shipping Container Offices

shipping container offices cheap office space

From $106 per square foot in Boston to almost $170 in New York, office space isn't cheap. Finding the right office space is often like finding a needle in a haystack, depending on what city you are looking in. 

If your company is a young start-up, it is hard shelling out a lot of up-front money for an office lease. What if you decide there is a better city for your new business? Breaking a lease adds extra costs to a tight budget. 

Are you looking for affordable office space? Consider shipping container offices as cheap office space. 

Keep reading to learn the benefits of moving your business offices into shipping containers.

Weeks Instead of Months

In some cities, office space is almost unaffordable. It can take months to find a space that's both affordable and meets your needs. If you're building office space, it's expensive and time-consuming.

Customizing your prefab container only takes a few weeks. Installation after shipping is only a few days to a week!

Eco-Conscious Office Space

Shipping container offices are eco-conscious. There are plenty of shipping containers around the world sitting unused. Why not upcycle an existing container?

By using containers, there is less need for building office space around the world. Some businesses don't need a big office, making a 10- or 20-foot shipping container the perfect solution. 

A Modern, Custom Space

Shipping containers offer a customizable modern space. You're starting with a blank box, so you can turn into anything you like. 

Add walls based on your company's needs. Build a desk space where you want it. You can also add windows and doors.

Design the lighting, bathrooms, and break room to your specifications. Want a nice view of the outside? Add a sliding-glass door along one wall. 

Want a modern industrial look? Leave the interior walls and ceiling unfinished. 

Is a more traditional look appealing? Finish out the interior to your taste. 

Affordable Office Space

Shipping container offices are more affordable than traditional office space. A used 20-foot container runs as low as $2,000 dollars.

The biggest expense is customization. Less customizing means less money spent on your offices. Customize your shipping container offices based on your pre-determined budget. 

Paying for your frugal shipping container office in full will likely cost less than signing a lease for traditional office space. 

Portable Office Space

What if you decide to move your business from one state or country to another? Take your shipping container offices with you! 

The portability of shipping containers is attractive. No need to break a lease and hunt for new affordable office space. 

Shipping Container Offices Are an Attractive Alternative 

Shipping container offices offer an attractive alternative to traditional office space. A shipping container is an affordable, customizable space that only takes a few weeks to set up. 

Are you looking for environmentally better choices? Upcycling a used shipping container is an eco-conscious choice. You can't go wrong with shipping container offices as cheap office space

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