How to Build a Strong Visual Brand Identity That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

build strong visual brand identity business stand out

What's your business's brand identity like? Does your branding identity need improvement? Do you even have one? 

Building a strong visual brand identity is important for any company that wants to be memorable and build a strong and committed customer base. But how do you get started with creating a visual brand identity? 

We want to help get you started with better branding. Read on to learn a few elements of visual brand identity and why it's important. 

Why Do I Need a Visual Brand Identity? 

Think of the colors red and yellow in combination. What comes to mind? 

If you're like most people, those colors immediately conjure an image of fast-food mega-company McDonald's. This is because they have a strong visual brand identity. Not only do they have their classic color scheme, but they also have their clown mascot and a giant yellow M. You know what you're looking at as soon as you see it. 

This branding allows customers to associate everyday objects, colors, and even words with you and your company, meaning that you'll be on their minds long after they're done with your products and services. 

Branding may even help you earn more money through your business. Everyone knows that brand-name items tend to go for a higher price, but people still buy them. Why? Brand loyalty. 

There are a few methods you can use to build this identity, but we're going to go through strictly visual elements today. 

Pick a Good Color Scheme 

Remember the red and yellow? You want to do something along these lines. You shouldn't try to mimic another company's color scheme lest you get associated with them but choose something bold and eye-catching. 

It's unlikely that you'll find something completely unique, but as long as you're not matching another business in your niche or local area, you're in the clear. 

Have a Strong Logo or Mascot 

Not every company suits a mascot, but if yours does, pick something memorable. 

If not, getting a designer to make a logo for you will do you more favors than trying to do it yourself unless you're an artist already. 

Logos should be simple, clear, and easy to associate with your brand. They may be symbols, or they may be designs made from the initials of your business. 

Don't make them too complicated and be prepared to stamp them on promotional material that people will want to flaunt. 

Carry It Across Platforms 

Your visual brand identity isn't just in-store or on your website. You should have some consistency across your social media platforms as well. Hiring a good advertising company can help with this. 

Remember those color schemes and symbols. They don't have to be in every picture and post, but your identity should also match the ethos of your business. 

For example, if you run a luxury beachside hotel and your colors are orange and teal, photos of the beach and your awesome guests relaxing can be filtered with orange and teal tones before they're posted on Instagram. 

Your Facebook header should follow suit, as well as any other platforms. Consistency is key for your company! 

Is Your Visual Brand Identity Up to Par? 

You can't neglect the importance of a visual brand identity for a business trying to drum up new customers. When you establish this identity, you'll love the look of your business as well as the way people respond to it. Time to brainstorm about your brand! 

For more articles to answer all of your advertising and marketing questions, visit the rest of our site. You'll find that visual brand identity is crucial to the success of your company!

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