Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Flat

tips before buying a flat purchase property

A flat or an apartment building contains more than one building residence unit. A flat mostly has 2 or 3 rooms, including the kitchen and drawing-room. 

Freehold And Leasehold Property 


Freehold property is when the land belongs to you. Hence, allowing you to build a house that will become your life-time property. 


The apartment is on leasehold because you share or rent an apartment to others. 

Builder Reputation 

If you are looking forward to buying a flat, you must check the builders’ earlier projects. According to research, each year, many projects fail due to the fake contractor. 

Many contractors roam around and call themselves professional engineers, but they are not. Builders try to show you that he will create something like paradise as your home, but they may loot you and run away in the end. 

Market Evaluation 

The buyer needs to check the value of the market where he is buying a flat. Often, people purchase a flat abruptly and then regret it, as they are spending a considerable amount of money on it and pay more than the flat’s actual worth. You must meet real estate agents of that area and check out what recent sales have been there and at what price. 

Never rely on one agent or one developer; a flat price may equal your life savings. Visit as many sites as you can, and find a property that suits your budget and living standard. This will clear your mind about the property’s actual value. Moreover, there are 3 BHK for sale in Pune, which will undoubtedly help you find a flat. 

Flat And Area 

Before investing in a flat, make sure that there are facilities in the area. While buying the flat, take a flat tour and make sure the building is close to school, hospital, shops, saloons, and cafes. 

One major thing everyone considers while buying a flat in a quiet environment, take a look around, and estimate the amount of traffic passing around your building, will it disturb your lifestyle or not? You can find 3 BHK flats in Pune that can provide these facilities. 

Flat Age And Security 

Before buying a flat, research about the building’s age, whether it is old or new in order to live there without any worries. Sometimes the agents furnish the flat beautifully so that it does not look old. Therefore, you must consult the professionals’ team and pay them their fees to examine the flat’s age for you. Security is the most important thing one should consider while buying a flat. 

Hence, you need to review all the CCTV cameras present in the building imperatively. You need to ask the authorities that you wish to visit the CCTV room to make sure all cameras are working. Often buildings have security guards; you can ask people already living in the building whether the guard is professional enough to secure your car or bike if you have any. 

Flat Maintenance 

Before buying a flat, check out the condition of the roof, wall, and pain. A standard shingle roof needs replacement every 20-25 years, which costs around $8000 or maybe more. 

The cost of paint and some broken light texture is repairable for a few bucks, but if the flat’s foundation is damaged or not solid, you must put aside some thousands of dollars to remake it again. Check all the cracks present in the flat as on rainy days the water floods from those cracks and the flat will be wet. 

Make Your Flat Resemble Your Dreams 

People often buy flats after saving a lot or getting retired in old age, this means that a flat is the only source of shelter and a long term investment that brings joy in owning a home. An ordinary person will always wish for the best flat he can get for his family, which depends on the choices you make while buying it. 

It is advisable to create a vision beforehand of what type of flat you desire. It will make it easier for you to choose an apartment quickly and appropriately. Moreover, you can check for 3 BHK for sale in Pune to help you in getting an excellent flat. 

Many people wish to have a beautiful balcony with a scenic view, and old-aged parents sometimes need to meditate on the ground above the flat. Hence, you need to ensure that the flat has a clean rooftop and picturesque balcony so your parents shall have a good life. 

A child dreams of a playground around the flat building, so make sure there must be a garden or playground for the child’s physical exercise. 

Buying A Flat Conclusion 

The above information is essential before buying a flat. You must be clear now what you should do before purchasing a flat. Never be in a hurry while making a flat purchase, always think with a peaceful mind to make the best decision.

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