Top 3 Most Common Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit

reasons rent storage unit

The storage industry in the United States has grown a lot in the last decade. From relocation to downsizing, there are a lot of reasons to rent a storage unit in today's day and age. 

Renting a storage unit is a pretty big decision, though. It may be hard to decide between putting your stuff in storage or trying to find another place for it, depending on what you need to store and how long it needs to be stored. 

Are you someone who needs a storage unit, but you're unsure if it's the best way to go? Keep reading for the top three most common reasons people choose to rent a storage unit. 

1. Use a Storage Unit When Moving 

Over 15 million American households move every year. People move for many different reasons, and each reason comes with a need for utilizing storage units. 

If you're to move to a new home, you may be renovating your current home to prepare it for sale. It's very common to move a lot of your things into storage to make room for renovations and stage the house for showings. 

When moving due to a breakup or divorce, you'll likely move into a smaller space once you're separated. In this case, you may have furniture and other items that you don't have room for in your new, smaller home. 

College students often move from one apartment to the next once their lease ends with the spring semester, which leaves them without a place to live for a few months. Instead of hauling all of your belongings back home just to haul them back when your new lease starts, you can keep your stuff in a storage unit for those few months. 

2. Seasonal Storage 

Depending on where you live, seasonal storage is a common reason for renting a storage unit. If you live up north, the winters can be really hard on some equipment. 

Motorcycles, lawnmowers, boats, and trailers can take a big hit during extreme winters. Premium storage units can be temperature controlled, which makes them a great option for winter storage. 

You can also use it to store things you only use in a certain season to make more room in your home. From camping gear to snowmobiles, you can keep your seasonal activity gear in storage to prevent clutter. 

3. Making Room 

On the other hand, living in one place for a long time means accumulating a lot of stuff. While you may not have room for it, those items can be sentimental, valuable, or only used a few times a year. 

No one wants to spend time carefully sorting and making decisions on what to keep and what to throw. With a storage unit, you can keep those things without cluttering up your home. 

Good Things in Store 

Now you know the most common reasons people rent a storage unit. It's time to determine if it's the best option for you! 

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