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Do you know the differences between event management and event planning? 

The simple answer is event management has a wider scope. It covers creating, coordinating, and managing, all the different parts of an event. Meanwhile, event planning involves the early stages from conceptualization to developing a budget, hiring outside vendors, and so on. 

Now, the good news is, there are a lot of businesses that offer both services. But if you need one that can help create the big picture for you, then your first step is to check out the top event planning companies in your area. 

That said, here is how you can distinguish the best event planning companies for your needs with 4 top tips. 

1. Compile a List of Event Planning Companies 

Get recommendations from your colleagues or other friends who also own a business. If you don't get a lot of names, you can research online, but try to limit your search to those that have good reviews. 

You should also make sure that you choose a local event planning company. This way, you will be minimizing communication problems. If you can drop by their office and meet in person, the better you can finalize the details of the event. 

2. Check Their Events Specialization 

Some event planning firms specialize in corporate meetings, while others are more focused on social events. There are also companies that specifically cater to SMBs. 

Before scheduling a consultation, do your homework on which events they excel at hosting. Check each company's website to understand the types of events they handle. Even if the event company you are thinking of hiring has good reviews online, they might not have a lot of experience for the event you want to host. 

For example, online events are the biggest thing right now, so you might be better off checking out virtual event planning companies. 

3. Find a Company That Can Work With Your Budget 

Event planning doesn't always come cheap, but there are firms that understand how smaller companies might not have the same budget that large businesses do. 

They can help you set up a realistic budget, and will recommend suitable vendors, equipment, venue, etc. 

4. Decide After Interviewing Each Company 

After finding out which companies have a good reputation online and can work with your budget, try to narrow down your list to 2 or 3 candidates. 

Meet with them, and have them explain to you in detail what they can do for your event. They should bring with them an event planning checklist, plus an estimate for their services. 

Once you have gone over their bids, the only thing left is for you to choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Remember, much of an event's success lies in excellent communication between you (the client), and the service provider (event planning company). 

Need More Tips for Hosting an Event? 

Now, that you know how to identify the top event planning companies for your needs, don't stop here. 

For more event planning or management advice, don't hesitate to check out our other posts. We also cover other business topics such as investing, startups, consulting, and so on to compliment your event planning companies search.

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