Best Cryptocurrency Converter

best cryptocurrency converter

A cryptocurrency converter: definition Cryptocurrency converter is a real-time instrument developed for fiat-to-crypto (USD, KRW, GBP, EUR, JPY to BTC, and other crypto) and crypto-to-crypto (ETH to EOS, TRON) changeovers. The other functions available besides converting are adding, modifying, removing the e-currencies, and seeing currency values online without counting them on one’s own. The converters also update cryptocurrencies prices every 5-10 minutes based on crypto exchange rates. 

How Crypto Calculator Works 

Once a user has signed in an online web or app-based converting platform, the steps are to find the asset page that allows the procedure; the list of options appears afterward, and as paper or an e-currency is selected, the amount (on the basis of a native fiduciary currency) has to be entered, thereafter, the crypto conversion results emerge. In the case of doubting about the cost of crypto, charts and prices should be located under the calculator section. 

As an example of the transaction process, a client of a converting platform would like to turn $20 Doge to BTC converter. The client picks the “Preview Conversion” option to check the quantity of Bitcoin free for the transaction, and the last step is confirmation. If the customer is running out of crypto for the transaction, more of it can be acquired. 

One of the main points of a calculator is to stay notified of the value of coins bought with a domestic coinage and of cyber currency. This can be achieved through adding, for instance, Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, Ripple, NEO, ADA, EUR, USD to the converter, submitting the total to an opted currency's field to see the rate of other coins. 

How To Convert Crypto From One To Another 

To complete the operation, one has to own a wallet account in an app or web version. The course of actions may include tapping the type of crypto, alternatively, under the balance tab, clicking “convert” a specific amount selected by a user, and the preferred crypto to receive. The details must be correct before proceeding. 

The technique can also be implemented differently: selecting a coin on one submenu, crypto - on the other, and singling out a possible offer from exchanges for the opted currencies’ conversion. The next step consists of picking the recommended exchange; entering the wallet address of the receiving currency, which provides an address of the initial coin chosen. The transformation of the coin from its wallet to the given address is the next step, and the exchange itself is the final one. 

Best Cryptocurrency Converters 


This crypto converter allows anonymous cryptocurrency conversion service containing 200+ coins and demands no personal data or registrations for converting. Godex developers set security protocols for the conversion instrument and the protection from Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks that purposefully disrupt the work of a targeted server, service, or network, which is, in this matter, BTC. In case anything goes wrong, the customer support is ready 24/7. 

2. Bitcoin Auto-Converter 

Bitcoin Auto-Converter operates via the Google Chrome web browser. Any website works within this browser extension, and altcoins are applicable as well. The precise description of the performance is the converter searches the BTC values on a website all across the Internet and displays the transaction. To change BTC to ALT and vice versa, a user clicks the cryptocurrency coin tab to shift. All the updates done on other sources with variations of prices and volumes show up every 30 seconds on the platform. 

3. ShapeShift 

Jaxx wallet has designed a converter named ShapeShift attainable on Windows, Apple, and Linux-empowered devices, additionally on Android and IOS applications. The ShapeShift integration includes all currencies supported by the wallet only; moreover, it offers market data tracking, blockchain news, and transaction data free search throughout multiple blockchains via Jaxx Liberty’s block explorer.

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