Top 5 Tips for Getting Rid of Old Books

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A “voracious reader” will read an average amount of 50 books per year. A “super reader” will read an average of 80 books per year. That’s a ton of books being bought, read, and shelved each year. If you consider yourself an avid reader or have just come into a large book collection, you can relate to the never-ending problem of finding new space for new books. 

Though most bibliophiles are attached to their book collection, there is always a point where getting rid of old books becomes necessary. Whether it be because you’re moving, have a small apartment, or want to clean up to provide more space for new books, these five tips will show you the best ways to get rid of those used books. 

1. Donate to a Library 

The first thing you can look into is donating to either a local library or a prison library. Some local libraries prefer new books as opposed to used ones to ensure quality. However, many do accept gently used books, so you can research to discover their policies. 

Prison libraries are always looking for donations but are also particular about what they can accept. Having a wide book collection can help those in prison to get their GED, college degree, or have entertainment. 

2. Donate to Better World Books 

Better World Books collects books to donate and fund literacy initiatives worldwide. They collect used books and textbooks online, through colleges, and through libraries, to help fund literacy and education. They also promote that they help divert books from going to a landfill, which aids both humans and the planet. 

3. Sell Books Online 

If you have a rare book collection, you could get a big payout for selling them online. Using a site like Amazon, Ebay, or Facebook Marketplace is a quick and easy way to discover how much your book collection is worth. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes, and they take care of the rest. 

If you have a bunch of gently used or mostly new books, you can make some money by selling them online to different indie bookstores, or check out Amazon’s Trade-In, which can tell you what books are eligible for a credit. 

4. Try Upcycling 

Upcycling is a great way to make use of your books if they are too used or damaged to be donated or sold. You could use book covers for decoration, create a cover for your tablet or phone, make an art journal, or even use them to create a headboard for your bed. The opportunities are endless! 

5. Create a Free Books Box 

A “Free Books Box” is simply a box made with free books inside. You can find one that is already made, often on certain streets or in a doctor’s office, train station, or bus stop, and add your books to it. 

Or, you could create your own, after getting permission either from your city or the owner of the business. These are often used as “take a book, leave a book,” so your box is always filled with new reads for the next person. 

Getting Rid of Old Books 

Whenever you think of getting rid of old books, also think about how you are giving a gift to the next person who will get to experience it. Clearing out space for new books is always a good thing, and hopefully, you can make some money while doing so, or perhaps even create something new! 

Whatever you decide, come back for more of our articles, and you can be sure to learn more book distribution tips to try. We publish a wide variety of business book reviews and guides on getting rid of old books profitably.

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