8 Tactics for a Guerrilla Advertising and Marketing Campaign

tactics guerrilla advertising marketing campaign

Did you know that the global ad spending is at $614.73 billion in 2020? Ads can become expensive, and a lot of small businesses might not afford it. If you have a limited budget, you might not know the right strategy to make your business known. Without noticeable ads like street marketing, you won’t get your intended audience. 

Don’t give up yet on your grand marketing goals. 

With this guide, you’ll learn about guerrilla advertising and some tips to get you started. That way, you’ll have a more affordable and effective way of reaching your audience. Read on and find out more. 

What Is Guerrilla Advertising? 

This type of marketing is a set of actions used as a launching point of a marketing campaign. Businesses use this without paying the full price of its usual cost. Its impact is ideally more significant no matter how low of a budget you invested in it. 

In simpler terms, guerrilla marketing is like a magnifying glass for your marketing campaign. It isn’t a loss of time because of its lower price tag. After all, it depends on the “wow” factor to your intended audience. 

In most cases, the more unconventional ad stints are more stunning. You need not be fancy to catch your audience’s attention when performing guerrilla marketing. 

Stealth Marketing Tips 

Now you know what guerrilla marketing means, you can now start with it. It’s important to do so immediately since 80% of businesses fail within the first eight months. If you have no initial traction, you’ll end up without a means of sustaining your business. 

Here are some tips for great guerrilla advertising and masterful marketing: 

1. Consider Your Intended Audience 

Always think about your audience and their needs. Doing marketing stunts outdoors doesn’t equate to randomness since it’s all about finding the people who mean a lot to you. That’s why you must know where to find them. 

Choose the space strategically since picking it is one of the most crucial parts of advertising. This ensures you target the people waiting to make the most out of their time. 

2. Location Is Everything 

Just like in real estate, when it comes to guerrilla advertising and marketing it's all about location, location, location! When picking a place, think about its characteristics. For instance, if you’re a burger joint, you can post your ad in a location with echoes. An effective slogan is to ask them to imagine if their stomach rumbled because of hunger. 

Gunning for more grandiose street marketing plans like a flash mob? If so, pick a location frequented by lots of people. Sometimes, it becomes so viral that people watching it will record and share it online, garnering more user engagement and brand visibility. 

3. Look for an Original Campaign Concept 

Don’t bother advertising if you sound like any other brand. Take note, people are more receptive to things they think no one did before. That’s why it’s time to don your thinking cap and make a unique, otherworldly campaign. 

Remember, the element of surprise is one of your greatest allies. This makes it possible for you to make something that blows your audience’s minds. No one likes copycats, so always be yourself since this makes it easier for your intended audience to fall in love with your business. 

4. Get Inspiration for Your Next Campaign 

The ideation stage must have at least 100 ideas every hour. To do this, gather all the people in your company and start with creative thinking. Get a mood board in your office since it helps inspire your team. 

Search for guerrilla marketing ideas online if your business’s creative pool is empty. Never forget to put your unique twist on guerrilla marketing campaigns. For a more concrete, tactile marketing idea, try out a 3D printing shop. 

5. Stay Relevant With Your Content 

A good guerrilla marketing idea coupled with excellent execution earns you a spotlight. To do this, leverage the current trends. Use them to make wonderful content for your business, one that speaks to your intended audience’s hearts and minds. 

Prioritize innovation, entertainment value, and emotional impact. An effective method is through the act of sharing. 

6. Make Your Campaign Interactive 

Users feel more involved in the process, that’s why interactive campaigns sell well. If you enable your audience to contribute to your guerrilla campaign, you make them feel important. They feel like they’re working toward something greater. 

It’s an especially effective method if your campaign promotes a good cause. Make it a point to engage your community and naturally promote your cause. That is a surefire way of increasing brand awareness. 

7. Never Prioritize Becoming Viral 

Nothing can promise your campaign to become viral. But that shouldn’t hinder you to do everything in your power to lead to this status. Regardless, viral is rarely made to order, even when you put out press releases, engage in paid ads, and coordinating with influencers. 

Results will only happen if you make it work from its inception. If it doesn’t, you can always go back to planning and adjust accordingly. So, run some low-cost campaigns, learn the best practices, and deliver the ultimate marketing strategy. 

8. Measure Your Performance 

If you have no means of measuring your guerrilla marketing campaign’s success, you won’t know whether you’re doing well. That’s why you must decide the factors that make your campaign successful. It varies depending on your objectives, but here are some of the more common ones around: 

• User engagement 
• Sales 
• Brand recall 
• Social media shares 

Once you have a solid idea of what measures your campaign’s success, optimize your goals. With this, you’ll get a better idea of how to steer your guerrilla marketing campaign in the right direction. It ensures that your current and future marketing campaigns will have a solid foundation, making it easier to convert people into paying customers. 

Launch a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Today! 

These are some tips to ensure the success of your guerrilla advertising campaign. Use these if you aren’t sure how to start. Don’t delay because this is the perfect time for you to stand out from the competition. 

Did this guide on great guerrilla advertising help inform you? If so, we encourage you to browse our other posts and learn more marketing and advertising tips and tricks today!

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