7 Outdoor Advertising Strategies For Small Business That Still Work

outdoor advertising strategies small business ads that still work

Most of the entrepreneurs or small business owners still think outdoor advertising is impotent in modern time. As more and more people spend their time online, business owners are turning to online advertising to gain recognition for their brands. However, there are businesses that still taking advantage of the outdoor marketing to the fullest. Perhaps, this is the reason; we confront outdoor advertisements at every nook and corner. 

Outdoor advertising is still effective and influences a lot of people. It allows you to reach a massive audience in a quick time. As per the outdoor advertising spending forecast for 2020 – outdoor advertising spending is expected to rise by the 2022 that is an apparent hint that the marketing channel would offer relentless opportunities to marketers. And if you still think that outdoor advertising is not for your business. It is time for you to rethink. 

We have put together seven out of home (OOH) advertising strategies that would drive significant exposure and prominence for your company. Let’s explore them further. 

1 Billboards 

Billboards are a great marketing platform to reach diverse kind of audience and the very fact that it is massive – it is evident that can capture a lot of attention. There is no brainer billboard could be ideal way to let the message out to the massive. And with recent innovations taking place in billboard outdoor advertising – they have become more engaging and noticeable. From the static to dynamic, billboards can be a gamechanger for small businesses or startups who want to pioneer in their industry. 

2. Transit Advertising 

Everyday thousands and hundreds of people step out to reach their work and back to their home. Some of them spend a significant time in transportation. So, it has a lot of potential for advertisers to display their ads and get more attentiveness for their brands. With more eyeballs on your brands, it is inevitable to gain amplified brand awareness and revenue boost. 

3. Street Ads 

Street ads are although similar to transit advertisements but they also encompass ads placed on furniture, buildings, and the objects around. Street ads target pedestrians in places of congregation areas so the ads get high noticeable with their placement. And some brands such as IBM are already making it functional by bringing furniture makes people life easier at the same time put the brand in the mind of the customers. 

4. POS Ads 

If you want some quick wins with any of your marketing campaigns. POS display is certainly the right bet. POS ads are rightfully placed on the checkout counters and shopping counters to capture the attention of impulsive buyers. And the reason that it works is the frequent exposure of outdoor displays placed around the shopping location. So, you can say outdoor ads have a lot of potential one cannot undermine. 

5. Retail Ads 

Retail Adverts are completely different form of OOH ads. They are although considered OOH but are most likely to found in the establishments such as malls, shopping complex, stores, and small shops. These places are generally taken over by FMCG brands to better build brand perception and improve brand image among the existing or potential customers. This is one thing that could not happen on the web. 

6. Guerilla Ads 

Guerilla marketing campaign could be effective form of unusual marketing that could open new channels of growth. Due to extensive creativity, wittiness, and emotional connect; people have all the reason to try out the product or service your brand has to offer. 

No doubt- guerilla marketing is reasonably compelling and the surprising factors add more weight to the result it can produce by impacting customers. Surely, that is something digital marketing cannot do, when users dwell time is pretty low and they can easily ignore or close the ads. 

7. Cinema Ads 

Cinema ads could be one of marketing channels that most businesses have not harnessed yet. Indeed, these advertisements could yield lucrative results if targeted appropriately. With less distractions, and more focus, these ads are far more effective that digital ads. 

The Bottom Line 

Digital marketing although have an edge over Outdoor ads, the traditional advertising has the prowess to get advertisers the much anticipated results. However, I t would be ultimately on the entrepreneurs – how to use in the way that defines purpose and value.

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