Car Wrap Benefits And Trends

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Vehicle wrapping is a process whereby a large sheet of thin vinyl film is applied to the outside of a vehicle for several different reasons. Individuals may wish to customize the appearance of their vehicle by changing its color and appearance to maintain and protect the original paintwork. While repainting can be expensive, car wraps are a more cost-effective and exciting option. 

Businesses make use of car wraps as a cost-effective and economical form of advertising by turning their vehicles into moving billboards. Vehicle branding is an eye-catching way to promote a brand or business that can last from 3-5 years before needing to be changed. Fleet branding is done on a large number of vehicles for a single company with the same design throughout all vehicles in a large fleet. 

Types Of Car Wraps 

Vinyl Vinyl is one of the most common types of material utilized in car wraps. Clear or colored vinyl is designed to fit over the entire surface of the vehicle or just in certain areas. 

1. Stencil Cut-Outs 

Also called decals, this type of car wrap can be made small enough to fit on a car door or to cover the entire trunk or hood. Decals can be pictures, color cut-outs, or graphic designs. 

2. Gloss 

A gloss car wrap is smooth with a soft shine that resembles a classic car paint job. 

3. Matte 

A matte car wrap has a luster-less surface with no shine. The flat or dull tone gives off less reflection than a gloss wrap. 

4. Satin 

A satin wrap has a finish that is somewhere between glossy and matte. It does not give off a clear reflection, but it reflects more light than a matte finish. 

5. Carbon 

Carbon fiber car wraps are made of multiple layers of carbon that create a textured film. They typically come in metallic colors like gray or black but can also be done in other shades. 

The top brands in car wrap materials include: 

- 3M Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl is manufactured in Northern Minnesota by a mining company that helped developed reflective coatings for use on highway signs and to create Scotch brand tapes. Today they focus on manufacturing car wraps and customization of unique wraps for clients. 

- Vvivid creates and develops several vinyl products in different textured finishes and colors. Located in Montreal, Canada, it is well-known for the VViViD XPO Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Roll. 

- Teckwrap is a relatively new company in the industry that specializes in the manufacture of thin plastic films with adhesive coatings for use in high-quality vinyl car wraps such as the TeckWrap White Gloss Vinyl Wrap. 

Benefits Of Vehicle Wraps For Businesses 

Outdoor advertising is one of the most efficient ways to create brand awareness for businesses. There are numerous outdoor advertising options available in the world of advertising, and vehicle wraps have come to hold a prominent position among them. It is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to enhance brand exposure with the added bonus that it has the potential of being moved around wherever the vehicle travels, unlike other forms of outdoor advertising that are static. Here are some of the most important benefits of using car wraps for outdoor advertising. 

• Professionalism 

A vehicle that has been branded according to the guidelines of a company appears professional. It gives the impression that the company is reputable and reliable. 

• Brand Exposure To All Demographics 

Vehicle wraps can be used to promote a brand to people in all demographics and over a wide area. This implies that people of all ages and ethnicities will be exposed to your message. 

• Vehicle Body Protection 

Car wraps can protect personal and business vehicles against all forms of damage, such as scratches and harsh weather conditions. 

• Works For Any Size Of Business 

Although most large-scale businesses use vehicle wraps for brand awareness and advertising, any small to medium-sized business owner can make use of this effective tool for brand exposure as it is not exclusively associated with big budgets. 

• Flexibility 

Car wraps can be removed easily, making it possible to change the look of your vehicle to promote a new product, change the color and logo of your branding, or if you wish to sell the vehicle. 

• Extremely Cost-Effective 

When compared to other outdoor advertising and marketing methods, vehicle wraps are relatively low cost. Car wrapping is a long-life marketing method that continually exposes your business to potential customers, which is much more affordable than TV or radio commercials. 

• A Marketing Tool That Never Stops Working 

Even when the vehicle is parked, it will still be advertising your business to people walking or driving past. You can even choose to park your vehicle in a prominent position where it will reach your target market most effectively. 

What Is Trending In The Car Wrap Market? 

Car wraps are a trend in itself, but there are some awesome materials and styles that are trending among car wrap NYC companies at the moment. The best way to show your uncommon style is to change the look of your car. Car wraps are less permanent, so when you change your mind, it will be easy to change the color and customized look of your car without breaking the bank. 

- The Color Craze 

Accent colors and textures in car wraps are things that are trending now with everything from heavy metallic hues, chromes, pearls, and color shifts to make a wrap more noticeable. 

- Full Exterior 

Wraps Initially, vehicle owners dabbled in car wrapping by only applying decals to sections of their vehicles. Now, however, full wraps have become the norm or to apply a design that is more in line with a piece of art than a simple advertising message. Companies in New York are taking advantage of upcoming trends to help their vehicles stand out from the competition. 

- Color Trends 

Instead of the common paint replacement wrap to protect a vehicle, there are now many classy color options to choose from, including pink, luminous green, midnight blue, and matte black. 

- Textured Wraps 

Textured laminated films have inspired many fans of graphics to add textures such as wood grain, brushed metal, and carbon fiber to their vehicles for a more personalized look. 

- Image Printing 

Cartoon characters, favorite animals, and team logos are just some of the many possibilities for car wraps. 

With car wraps, individuals can express their individuality, and businesses can promote themselves in a cost-effective way that is second to none at generating thousands of daily hits.

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