6 Personal Items That You Need at Work

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What are you going to do for the next 90,000 hours of your life? That's how long the average person works during their lifetime. Since you spend so much of your time at work, doesn't it make sense to have the things you need with you that are going to make working life, just that little bit more pleasurable and comfortable? 

If you have the right desk essentials with you at work it can make work feel like home from home, and that is good news if you want to enjoy your job. Even if you're stuck in a rut at work, or feeling generally dissatisfied, you will be amazed at what a difference this stuff for work can make. 

In this article, we talk you through 6 must-have items that you need at work. Get a pen and paper and get ready to go shopping. 

1. Look Your Best 

You always want to look your best at work. It's part of being professional and it also gives you confidence in the work you're doing. Save yourself multiple trips to the washroom by keeping either a compact mirror in your draw or a small desktop mirror. 

With a convenient little mirror on hand, you can check your teeth after lunch and save yourself from any embarrassing moments. You can refresh your lipstick, or make any other adjustments you need to your personal appearance. 

2. No Pain No Gain 

Being in the office is not like being in the gym. Still, there will be times when you have no choice put to push through the pain barrier. Keep a packet of painkillers in your drawer for when you get a headache. 

Depending on the stresses of work that may be more often than you would like but at least you will be prepared. It's also a good opportunity to show kindness to your colleagues if they need a headache tablet but haven't got any. 

3. Create Atmosphere 

Buy yourself a lamp with a warm light. A quality lamp can make a huge difference to the feel of your desk and workspace. If you already have a lamp that you like, buy yourself a warm-colored bulb. 

This will help create a sense of atmosphere and comfort in your working space. Not only that, but warm light has been linked with stimulating more creativity. So having a warm lamp on your desk is a win-win. 

4. Music Therapy 

Having a designated set of headphones at your office is one of the work must-haves. Headphones allow you to enter a different world almost invisibly. You can listen to whatever chill-out music you like and not disturb anyone. 

You can also listen to the sounds of nature and other types of music to help you relax in your breaks, or just simply catch up on the news or other audio programs while you work. 

Headphones will also allow you to escape from any other loud colleagues, whether they're talking loudly on the phone or making other noises. It's hard to know what's the best jobsite radio, but having one is also a good idea as it can help set a more relaxed and friendly tone at work. 

5. Charge Up and Press On 

This is all about convenience. We use our mobile technology so much that it's inconvenient to be without it. Make sure you add a charger to your list of desk essentials. Then you will never be caught out heading home with hardly any battery left on your phone. 

Also, if you plan to socialize after work, you know you will have a charged phone so that you can get in touch with friends, send messages, and capture the highlights of the evening with your camera. There are few things more frustrating than realizing on Friday night you left your phone charger at work. Solve that potential hazard by always keeping a designated work charger on your desk and then you will never leave your charger at work again. 

6. Dress to Impress Item 

Depending on the dress culture at your workplace, it's a really good idea to keep at least one dress-up item at work. It could be a sports jacket, a female blazer, a smart and stylish silk scarf, or something as simple as a bowtie. 

The important thing is that when you need to look that little bit more professional and smart, you will always have something you can wear to do that. Some people like to hang a jacket on the back of their chair and never take it home. It is 'resident' at work and ready for those moments when the boss visits or for professional meetings. 

Get These Desk Essentials 

Do you need to be more convinced? Hardly, it is easy to see what a difference to your working life these items will make. In this article, we have talked you through 6 desk essentials or work stuff that you need at your workplace. 

This is not an exhaustive list. There are other things you may want at work such as your own cutlery set or a stress ball, and many other similar items. The important thing is that you have what you need at work to make your working life pleasant and comfortable. 

You might not be able to change your boss but you can control your desk environment. Check out other thought-provoking articles on desk essentials, desktops, office design, and workplace decor on our business bog that can inspire you in your working life.

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