How to Work and Go to College at the Same Time: 5 Survival Tips

how to work and go to college at the same time working through university

A recent Department of Education report revealed that almost half of full-time college students work their way through a degree. With college tuition prices steadily rising, it's become more and more common for students to have a job while attending school. 

If you find yourself having to work while in school, it may be frustrating to find the time to focus on your coursework as well. Here are five tips on how to work and go to college at the same time. 

1. Join a Study Group 

One of the best ways to succeed in college classes can be linking up with other students in your classes. Depending on your schedules, you can meet once or twice a week, or simply have a group chat to keep track of upcoming assignments. 

Since so many students are working while going to college, at least some of the students in your study group will be in the same boat as yourself. You can even divide up readings so you don't have as much ground to cover by yourself. 

2. Get Some Outside Help 

Working and going to college can be extremely tiring, and sometimes you simply cannot do everything by yourself. Most college campuses offer options like free tutoring for students. 

If you find yourself behind on your coursework, then you may need even more of a break. Many websites exist where experts in your field can even do homework for you if you do not have time to complete an assignment. 

3. Create a Schedule 

A key factor in work and school balance is having a schedule and sticking to it. You can utilize an app, a calendar, or even an old-fashioned paper planner to block out your days. 

You should attempt to make time every day to dedicate to your studies so that you do not get overwhelmed later in the academic term. 

4. Take Advantage of Days Off 

Although it may be tempting to relax on your days off of work and school, these can be the most effective ways to clear some items off of your assignment list. You will also be able to focus without interruption. 

If you take care of most of your assignments on your days off, it will give you more time to relax during the week after work and school. 

5. Try Self-Paced Classes If Possible 

With the rise of online education, self-paced courses are becoming a great option for students who are working and going to college. Many schools offer entire degree programs completely online. 

Even if you have assignment due dates, you can still have some flexibility in terms of when you study. You will usually not be required to be logged on at certain times for lectures or exams. 

Many People Know How to Work and Go to College 

Once you figure out how to work and go to college, you will be able to manage all areas of your life much more effectively. If you are organized and ambitious, you can have it all!

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