5 Step Guide to Getting More Followers on Instagram

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Instagram has become one of the most popular apps for individuals and businesses alike. With the right tools, you can get more followers and expand your brand, whatever that might be. The more reach you have, the better chance you have at gaining more followers on Instagram. 

In the guide below, you'll discover a step-by-step guide on how to get more real followers and only continue growing from there. Continue reading below to find out more on increasing your Instagram.com following. 

1. Switch to a Business Account 

If you want to start gaining followers the right way, then you should start by switching to a business account. You can do this in the settings of your Instagram account. Once switched, your account will become public, and you'll be given more tools to help grow your page. 

With a business account, you can see the days and times your followers are logged on the most and many other statistics. Use these tools to help you create a posting schedule and determine who your main audience is. 

2. Know Your Niche 

When you're posting content, keep in mind that you'll begin to build a following based on the type of content you post. If you want to grow your followers, then you need to know your niche and stick to it. If it takes you some time to figure out what your niche truly is, this is normal. 

Eventually, you'll need to know what it is. For example, your account can tell your story about living a healthy lifestyle or something else. 

3. Post on a Regular Basis 

Use the Instagram business tools to learn when your followers are most active and use this information to create a posting schedule. You want to post on a consistent basis and at times when your followers will expect you to. 

This will show your followers you're loyal to them and in return, they'll show you their loyalty as well. 

4. Interact With Your Followers 

Instagram isn't just about posting photos and logging out. You need to interact with your followers. Make their experience while on your page a personal one. 

You should also provide a call to action on your posts (asking them to do a shoutout for shoutout Instagram request, comment, like, or share). You can ask them questions or have them ask you a question. Be sure to always respond. 

5. Use Hashtags and Locations 

On your posts, you also want to use hashtags and the location option as well. Hashtags are a great way to start gaining followers who are interested in your niche. If you're posting your most recent yoga workout, then you should use hashtags such as, "#yoga" or "#workout." If you work in marketing, you should use #smm or #socialselling as examples.

Be sure to tag the location of different places you visit as well. This feature will allow people in your area to see your post. Just be sure to use safety guidelines when doing so. 

You Can Get More Instagram Followers Right Now 

Are you ready to get more followers on your Instagram account? You can gain more followers and become an influencer right now by following the tips listed here in this guide! 

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