How Can Explainer Videos Boost Your Online Conversions

how explainer videos boost online conversions

According to a video marketing survey conducted in 2017, 97% of the businesses reported that an explainer video significantly increased their user’s understanding of the product or service they offer, 81% said their sales have increased, and 53% reported that customer care calls from customers reduced significantly. 79% of users also preferred watching a video rather than reading text for understanding a product. 

With all these statistics, it is clear that explainer videos can be a great tool to boost online conversions. However, make sure that the video is made by a reputable specialist like the one available at, as a low-quality video made by a newbie will be of no use. Here are a few ways of how explainer videos can boost your online versions. 

Increases Viewer Engagement 

It is important to keep your viewers engaged during the sales procedure, and explainer videos are highly successful at doing that immediately. If a web page cannot create interest in the visitors within the first few seconds, they are likely to navigate away. While visitors are least interested in reading dull text, animated videos can instantly captivate and engage them. 

Easily Comprehensible 

Text-based web pages are usually cluttered with straight copies and images. Your visitors may also misinterpret the text and miss some important selling points. On the other hand, animated explainer videos can explain your intended information without any chances of misinterpretations. 

Generates Web Traffic 

When your visitors watch an engaging video on your website, they stay longer there, thereby reducing the bounce rate to a great extent. The main aim of these videos is to answer common consumer queries and minimise confusion. 

Once the viewers watch the video, they have more chances to move on to the next step. Therefore, it is important to offer the next step in your explainer video, which may be subscribing to your newsletter, calling your customer care centre, or making a purchase. 

Increases Interest In Your Brand 

A properly created explainer video will inform your viewers about your brand, your products and services, your passion for your business, and how useful your products and services are for people. With quality and engaging explanations, customers stay interested in your video and have more chances to convert into sales. 

Easy To Share 

Good quality animation videos that have a great deal of information are shared by your visitors too over YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. With this, you gain exposure in the industry and boost your chances of making sales. 


Visitors who visit your site and find information about your brand, products, and services are most concerned about why they must buy from you. A good quality animated explainer video answers this query by displaying your product's benefits in real life situations. With a powerful story and a real-like experience, visitors can relate to your brand and decide to buy from you. 

Elevates Sales Pitch 

The sales pitch is a 30-60 second short introduction about your company with focus on your customer value and service. By stimulating your viewers' visual and auditory senses, you elevate your sales pitch to a great extent. 

This not only helps in enhancing sales and getting customers, but also in building trust and reputation in the market. With a properly designed explainer video, you can share more information within a few seconds of time and snag criticism. 

All in all, explainer videos work wonders to make connections with your customers, capture their attention, and clearly convey your business information. So, if you are looking forward to boosting your conversion rate, animated explainer videos created by experts like can be the secret weapons that can give you an edge over your competitors.

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