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The trend of minimalism positioned itself rather effectively in the visual arts, architecture, and interior design. Minimalism in website building originated from Google homepage that had a strict and ascetic appearance. The idea was enthusiastically implemented by Microsoft and Apple later on. Today, the simple and minimalistic style of a website is a clean and concise design, created with minimal use of visual elements. And a simple Shopify theme is a perfect solution to build a clean eCommerce website with little to no effort. 

TemplateMonster is a well-known marketplace where you can find tons of high-quality web design assets. The marketplace is ready to offer you the best simple Shopify themes if you want to build an excellent online store with no hassle. Each product meets the latest web development standards and represents a perfect combination of design and functionality. 

A simple Shopify layout is a useful tool to drive conversions. The simplicity of online stores makes the selection and purchase of products convenient and pleasant. Now let’s dive into the main characteristics of minimalistic design and its advantages for your business. 

Essential Characteristics Of Simple Shopify Themes 

The principle of simplicity may evoke the false belief that minimalistic design is easy to create. In fact, it means much more than just "less". Let's define the characteristics of a simple Shopify design. 

● Focus on the essentials. A designer needs to bring a clear structure to the layout elements, putting focus on the most important ones, using less details and more attention to each element. 

● Negative (white) space. Having an empty space means more emphasis on the layout elements. 

● Flat textures, icons, and graphic elements. No visible lighting effects, shadows, and gradients. 

● Bright photos and illustrations. They should also follow the principles of minimalism. 

● The limited color scheme. Usually, designers use monochrome colors. 

● Effective typography. Bold font instantly focuses attention on words and content, helping to create an attractive visual effect. 

● Contrast. This will direct the user's eyes to important elements and make the text more readable. 

Advantages Of Minimalistic Shopify Layout 

Simple and minimalistic design is at the peak of its popularity. And here are a few advantages of using Shopify simple themes: 

● Absence of mess and clutter. 
● Focus on the essential blocks. 
● Improved usability. 
● Improved loading speed and cross-browser compatibility. 
● Aesthetics and intuitive clarity. 
● Creating a business image that emphasizes serious intentions. 

Key Features Of Simple Shopify Themes By TemplateMonster 

TemplateMonster authors build clean Shopify themes with the best functionality to create conversion-oriented websites. The themes are fully responsive, featuring valid coding, an understandable admin panel, and numerous customization options. Moreover, you will get an Ajax cart, product sorting options, and product carousel to enhance your online store. Premium simple Shopify themes are easy to install and set up. In case any issues appear, you can rely on the detailed instructions and professional support. 

The collections are regularly updated with niche-specific templates to make sure everyone will find his perfect simple Shopify theme. Whether you run a business related to fashion, fishing, medicine, or electronics, the right Shopify theme is waiting for you. 


In the current digital world, full of information flows, the unexpectedly widespread minimalism in web design looks like a breath of fresh air. This simplicity gives the impression of a trend that makes interfaces more convenient for the user. Choose this practical and modern solution as long as it meets your business’s functional and aesthetic needs. Choose a ready-made simple Shopify layout from TemplateMonster to build an elegant online store and start getting sales right away.

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