Upgrade Your Business Travel With These 5 Essentials

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Every year, more than 400 million long-distance business trips are made in the United States. And while your packing list will likely be much shorter if you're packing for business rather than pleasure, you still need to ensure your business travel luggage is packed with the necessities. Because even for business travel, you'll be in for a rough trip if you have a poorly packed suitcase. To learn about a few of business travel essentials to include in every business trip suitcase, just keep reading! 

1. Clothing 

The clothing you pack will depend on the dress code, duration, and season of your trip. Keep all three things in mind as you lay out your clothes. But a few must-haves in terms of clothes include: A jacket or blazer Tops or sweaters (depending on the weather) A pair of shoes Socks and underwear Exercise clothes A comfortable travel outfit 

2. Office Supplies 

The one category of items that you'll need to include in your business travel packing essentials that you wouldn't for a vacation is office supplies. Be sure that you have a stack of business cards in your suitcase, as well as any pens, sticky notes, or notepads that you might need. 

It's also a good idea to bring a few envelopes to keep all of your receipts in one place, especially if you'll be submitting an expense report when you return. 

3. Accessories 

Let's talk about travel accessories. One thing that probably isn't already on your list is a travel umbrella. But think about it, the last thing you want is to get caught in a downpour on your way to a meeting. 

Also, bring a purse or briefcase while traveling. You will be able to store your heavier luggage through storage services, but you'll want a smaller bag to carry your everyday items in. 

In this smaller bag, bring a pack of gum or mints, makeup wipes, hand sanitizer, a portable charger, and anything else you might need on the go. 

4. Electronics 

Speaking of portable chargers, there are a number of electronics that you'll need in your business travel carry on. Ensure that you pack your phone, laptop, tablet, headphones, and all corresponding chargers. 

If you have an e-reader, it's a good idea to throw that in your bag as well. Whether you're stuck in the airport or waiting for a meeting to start, nothing passes the time like a good book. 

5. Travel Documents 

Last but perhaps most importantly, you'll need to pack any travel documents for your trip. This includes boarding passes, itinerary, passport, and hotel confirmations. 

You should have all of these documents on your phone as well for convenience and just in case you misplace the physical copies. But having everything in paper form will come in handy if you're ever without WiFi. 

Don't Forget to Pack These Items in Your Business Travel Luggage 

If you're used to traveling for business, packing your business travel luggage can become second nature. But with business travel, it's crucial that you don't forget any of the essentials. 

By creating a list and double-checking it as you pack, you'll be far less likely to arrive at your destination only to find that you forgot to bring a pack of business cards or your favorite blazer. 

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