7 Things To Check Before Buying A House

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The modern real estate market in Canada is rich in supply and demand, which means that the sale and buying of a property can be high risk. That is why a very careful check is necessary before such an important purchase. My years of experience in this area have helped identify the main factors that you should definitely pay attention to. While checking the technical condition of the house, don’t forget about: 

1. House Foundation

This is the basis of the house. If something is wrong with it, then everything else is wrong: it is from a skewed foundation that a chain of critical construction defects begins. Therefore, regardless of whether a new house or an old one, examine the foundation and blind areas especially carefully. 

2. Walls And Floor 

The parallelism of walls and evenness of the floor are the determining factors of the stability of the house and the quality of its foundation. 

3. Doors And Windows 

If the doors creak when opened, then this is most likely due to improper shrinkage of the house. Windows should also be easy to open. There should be no moisture in the chambers of double-glazed windows. 

4. The Attic And Roof

This is an important and very expensive part of the house. Even with the most cursory property inspection, you can easily notice elementary flaws in the roof: it can simply leak.

5. Electrical Wiring

You can assess the state of the whole system by sockets and lighting fixtures. 

6. HVAC Systems 

Heating and air conditioning must be carefully checked. It is better to entrust the examination of a boiler, furnace, or air conditioner to a qualified person. For example, the professional technicians from The HVAC Service can provide you with expert assistance. 

7. Local Sewage

Tap water should not have an unpleasant odor or cloudy color. To check the reliability of the sewage system, it is necessary to drain a large amount of water in a short period of time in order to assess the rate of water withdrawal. 

In addition to the technical condition of the house, do not forget about a thorough check of the documents and their compliance with laws and regulations. 

Buying a house is a big expense, so don't forget to check all of these listed issues before purchasing your home or property.

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