What Are My Rights As A Passenger After A Lyft Accident?

rights as a passenger after lyft accident

Rideshare car accidents are quite tricky to navigate, as it can be unclear who is liable for the crash. Victims of Lyft accidents, for example, are put in a precarious position, as they must determine whether to hold their rideshare host liable for the incident or another motorist. If you have recently faced such circumstances, know that you have the right to take legal action in the aftermath of your collision. The following provides important information regarding your rights as the passenger of a Lyft accident. 

What To Know About Lyft Car Accidents 

As the victim of an auto collision involving a Lyft vehicle, you have the rights to legal compensation for coverage of any damages you incurred during the crash. Yet, this can be challenging to navigate, given the complexity of rideshare or commercial insurance relative to personal auto insurance. This confusion is partially due to the ongoing debate of whether rideshare drivers are employees of the companies they work with or independent contractors. 

Further, the legislation presiding over rideshare drivers may vary across state lines, and courts may make different decisions concerning liability in the aftermath of a collision. The lack of standardized ruling can make it difficult for passengers in these accidents to know how to proceed in the litigation process following the crash. 

Rideshare companies may also refuse to cooperate with insurance matters after a crash involving one of their drivers, under the defense that they are not an employee. This helps them avoid large payouts, for example, if anyone was injured in the incident. Unfortunately, this reduces your chances of earning the necessary compensation as the passenger in a Lyft accident. Still, you have the right to legal counsel when pursuing these funds. 

How A Lyft Accident Lawyer Will Assist You 

Your lawyer will know how to handle this complex situation, and they’ll inform you of your right to recover compensation for the following causes: 

• Pain and suffering 
• Medical expenses 
• Lost wages 
• Reduced earning capacity 
• Wrongful death 

Rest assured that you have the right to sue all involved drivers involved in the crash since you were the passenger. Yet, it will be your responsibility to prove negligence on behalf of the Lyft driver, another motorist, or both. Your lawyer will assist you in this burden by helping demonstrate the following points: 

• Your Lyft driver or another motorist was driving negligently. 

• This negligent driving was the direct cause of your injuries, property damages, or other consequences. 

• These consequences resulted in financial losses. 

Know that Lyft and other rideshare companies such as Uber hold $1 million insurance policies to compensate any passengers that were harmed in accidents involving drivers associated with their services. These policies may also include coverage for uninsured motorists who struck cars carrying out rideshare work in these company names. Consult with your lawyer to learn further details of these insurance policies. 

If you have recently been involved in a Lyft accident as a passenger, you have the right to sue the negligent driver(s) and receive compensation for the damages inflicted upon you. Get in touch with a Lyft accident lawyer today to start your case as soon as possible and receive compensation to fund your recovery.

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