Consequences Of Not Having A Car Insurance Policy

consequences not having car insurance policy uk vehicle seizure police penalty points

The cost of living is rising. Except for the temporary dip due to coronavirus lockdown, overall fuel prices are skyrocketing. Insurance costs of all kinds are increasing exponentially it seems. Life is becoming more difficult and expensive. That’s why most people view car insurance premiums as an undesirable financial burden.  However, car insurance is important. In fact, it’s considered an essential expense. Besides giving you protection from accident-related costs, all drivers in the UK roads legally bound to have a car insurance cover. But, there is a growing number of people who get tempted to spin their cars without proper auto insurance covers. So, what are the consequences of not having a car insurance cover? Keep reading to find out the price of not having vehicle insurance policies in the UK. 

Uninsured In The United Kingdom 

If stats from The Motor Insurance Bureau are anything to go by, more than 132,804 uninsured cars in the United Kingdom were seized in 2018. Also, the economic impact of these uninsured cars was about £400 million. 

The Penalties For Not Having Vehicle Insurance

Driving without car insurance is usually characterized by severe penalties. The nature of the offense can land you in jail. Even more, it can be costly—especially if you are involved in an accident.  Plus, you will be putting the lives of other road users at danger. Here are some of the penalties of driving without a cover: 

• A penalty fine of £300 (which is usually fixed) 
• Your license may be subjected to six penalty points 
• Disqualification from driving 

The Car You Own 

Your car can be seized and destroyed by the police if they catch you driving without a proper car insurance policy. In such cases, you will have to pay a certain amount of money for your car to be released. Additionally, you will need to take a valid insurance policy to get your car back. However, if you don’t claim it within the stipulated time, you risk seeing it disposed of. Worse still, if you kill somebody in an accident and you don’t have a valid insurance policy, you risk receiving harsher sentences. 

Off The Road Cars 

According to the law, there is nothing like “I won’t insure my car because I don’t drive it”. According to the Continuous Insurance Enforcement legislation, any vehicle must be insured (whether it’s on or off the road). Failure to do so may result in harsh penalties. 

The Remedy 

The best way to stay safe is by taking a car insurance cover. Look for a coverage that suits your explicit needs. Do your research. Go online. Compare different insurance quotes. Know the limits of each cover. Also, familiarize yourself with different types of policies and things covered under any type of car insurance. Remember, car insurance is for your good. It protects you from accidents, it’s a legal requirement, and can come in handy in case of a car accident. Make a wise decision. 

The Bottom-Line: Get Car Insurance Now 

Of course, you might be tempted to drive your car without a car insurance. To others, car insurance policies are an additional, unwelcome expense. However, what they don’t realize is that car insurance protects them during and after accidents. The above are consequences of not having a proper car insurance cover.

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