3 Reasons Why Sudoku Is Every Programmer's Favorite Game

why sudoku is favorite game of programmer

There’s no secret – Sudoku is an international craze and much-loved amongst beginners as well as the aficionados. It’s a logical game that requires you to place the missing numbers on a prefilled grid. The rule is to put the digits 1 through 9 without repeating them in any rows, columns, and 3x3 sub-grids. 

Sudoku is not achievable through guesswork. Programming, too, is equally precise, unambiguous, and focused discipline. 

Programming and Sudoku seem like two different branches but with similar characteristics. Most people assume programming to be akin to mathematics. But the fact is, programming is intrinsically identical to Sudoku puzzles. 

Sudoku and programming both function based on specific rules and a lot of patience plus practice. At the bottom, both of these are about determining the least possible effort needed to reach solutions to particular problems. What else makes Sudoku a much-favored game for programmers? Check out these three reasons: 

1. The Puzzle Connection 

Just like solving a Sudoku, programming invites you to face mental challenges making every move count. Things can be as simple as writing code to send periodic WhatsApp notifications or be as complicated as infinite codes that one never runs out of. 

2. The Satisfaction Of Building Something 

Whatever you code, it always is purpose-oriented. It could just be an experiment, but all codes exist to create something usable. This is similar to Sudoku, where the puzzles are designed to come to one unique solution only. Creating something that doesn’t contribute the effort to make anything gets things awkward. However, building something that’s genuinely useful instills immense gratification. 

3. Magical Appeal 

Why programmers love Sudoku is because coding any program or a Sudoku puzzle itself creates something magical. At the click of a button, something new comes up. Programming is associated with problem-solving, but another secret is people are happy that they also create something useful and entertaining at the end of a few commands. 

In Conclusion 

What’s typical between a programmer’s life and the puzzle Sudoku is how it is about learning significant lessons at every level despite feeling stressed and confused. It is some sort of rat race that you take up each day – often there’s tediousness, you are bound to make mistakes, experience dark days, and spend time clung to the couch thinking how to make stuff work. 

But rarely there’s boredom, you fix problems, and voila, all the pieces finally seem to join. The processes are rewarding despite the hurdles they present. 

Try out a Sudoku challenge yourself and see how intricate the science behind this game is!

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