How To Get And Keep Customers: 5 Lessons From Sports Betting Sites

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Getting new customers can be a challenge, especially when you are just starting. Not only are you competing with established businesses, but you also need to deal with the stigma tied to being an unknown entity. So finding strategies to get customers through the door should be at the top of your list. Why not draw lessons from an industry that has been flourishing for the past decade? Surely, with a Gross Gambling Yield over £14billion, they must be doing something right. This article highlights 5 important lessons you get from bookies on customer acquisition and retention. 

Quality Is Key 

You might know this already, but it is so important that it deserves special mention. It is useless to focus on additional strategies when the service or product you are offering is not up to scratch. Do you know that your product or service is the best marketing tool you can use? Quality speaks for itself. 

Look at what online bookies do and you’ll understand what we are saying. They create the finest platforms and connect to the best payment service providers. They do this to give you the best user experience. On top of that, they offer exceptional customer care. This shows that their commitment to quality goes beyond the games. 

Everyone Loves Free 

Research has shown that giving out freebies always gets people interested. Many companies across various industries use this technique, and there is no reason you should not do the same. Nowhere is the bonus offer more understood than on bookmakers sites. As such, they are liberal with their online sports betting bonuses, therefore, keeping regular players interested, while enchanting new customers. 

Make your offer attractive and also generous. Customers should be able to see the value in claiming your bonus offers. But do not get too carried away; remember you are still in business to make a profit. 

Always Keep Things Fresh 

Businesses usually plan and budget for the future; if you are not doing this, now would be a perfect time to start. But in most cases, small businesses just forecast revenue and plan on expenditure. You need to also plan on how to keep things fresh and exciting for your customers. Promotions should never be an afterthought. Just because Jimmy’s and Sons across the street is running a buy one get one free promotion doesn’t mean you should too. Online bookies always have something special going on, for existing and new players. So aim to keep your customers engaged with your next best promotion. 

Build Brand Loyalty 

In the online gaming industry, this is called the VIP or Loyalty Rewards Program. Players get various perks for being active members on the platform. They even give you bonuses on your birthday and anniversary. All this effort is so customers keep betting with the site. Now let’s be honest, it may not be workable for you to give a freebie to every customer that walks through the door on their birthday. But a simple birthday text or personalized email can go a long way. Just let the customer know you are thinking about them and you value their business. 

Customer Care Support 

Relationship building needs to be part of your daily thought process. One of the most effective ways to foster long-lasting relations is through grievance handling. Things will happen in business, how you handle a disgruntled customer is key. It may be the difference between one less client and lifelong sales. Online customer service agents are trained in how to handle all issues. You can tell that there is a structure to how queries are handled and escalated. You need to ensure that the person in charge of this is capable and has the required temperament. Dealing with irate customers is difficult, but it comes with the territory. 

As a business owner, you usually have a full plate. There are so many things to do and decisions to make. It is easy to find yourself lost and start neglecting the number one thing that’s keeping you in business, the customer. The principles in this article are tried and tested. Online gambling platforms have been using these strategies for decades and the results speak for themselves. Apply them to your business too and start seeing more sales.

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