How To Find Reliable Distributors For Your Bottled Water Brand

how to find reliable distributors bottled water brand

Your bottled water is not a product until you sell it. Therefore one of the main questions that you should keep asking yourself is “How will the water get to the consumers?” There are three options to get it to the consumer; you can choose to sell to them directly, sell to retail stores, or sell to distributors or retailers who sell to the retailer. 

Whichever way you choose to sell your product, it's all up to you. 

You can have your bottled water displayed on your website where consumers can order directly. They'll place orders, and the water is shipped to their destinations. You can also sell to retailers online, and this you do in bulk, and it's delivered to their doorsteps. 

However, selling directly to customers is very tedious and may not give you very impressive returns. Consumers have the brands that they prefer and may be reluctant to buy a new brand. 

The smartest way to go about it is to sell to wholesalers or distributors who understand their customers and know how to navigate the somewhat competitive market and push your product into customers. They deal with different brands and would be excited to add a new brand in their offerings. 

If your water is well-packaged, competitively priced and of excellent quality, you're sure of selling to consumers big time. 

So how do you find reliable distributors and retailers to help your business grow? 

1. Through Directories 

You can check online directories for reliable distributors of bottled water. These contain profiles of hundreds, if not thousands of bottled water distributors and wholesalers of various products. You can narrow down your search to a list of a few who you can approach. Get distributors and wholesalers who deal in similar products that will ensure that your product lands in the hands of a person who understands that particular market's dynamics. 

2. Search Engines 

Google is a rich source of distributors and wholesalers of bottled water. You only need to know how to get information from the search engines using the right keywords, and you have all you need. If you're not familiar or unable to do it, you can get an employee in your IT department to search for you, or if you're a new business, get a friend to guide you. 

Search engines are rich in all sorts of information, and you can access directories from all parts of the world. That means you don't have to sell locally only- you can as well venture international markets. 

Another thing with search engines is that you need to take your time and flip through the pages — the preferred company may not appear on top of the results due to poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Thus a great company may appear on page seven and could mean that if you're not patient, you could potentially miss out on your jackpot. 

3. Check Out From The Local library 

Many times you'd want to begin doing business with the local distributors and wholesalers. Therefore, you can quickly get their information from the library in their locality. If you're not a member, they will require you to pay a certain fee to access any of this information. This information will tell you everything you need to know before signing up with the business. 

You should also try and register with an online library in your area. That will help you access any information about companies that you need, including details on their performance. 

Dependably Distribute Your Water Bottles

Getting wholesale aluminum water bottles and a reliable distributor or wholesaler for your bottled water is the first milestone to your business’ success. For you to get a reputable one, you’ll need to have a multi-faceted approach to finding them. That will help you get a variety of potential candidates that you can choose from.

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