Why Every Trucking Company Needs A DQ File Checklist

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Trucking is a very different industry than any other profession. Drivers come in all sizes and shapes, so the recruiting world for hiring them is very competitive. Driver recruiters better have a detailed DQ File Checklist to assist them with choosing the right truck drivers for their company. It's clear the best at their position can convert candidates into employees if they have the paperwork in order. 

What Is A Driver Recruiter? 

The definition of a driver recruiter is a person who works to fill driver openings by either resume review or actively soliciting targeted truckers to come drive for their company. The most lauded driver recruiters fully understand the hiring process. They have an uncanny skill to match the right person to the right job. This is done by accessing a candidate's experience, skill level and driving ability against the requirements and responsibilities expected as a truck driver. Depending on their success rate, a driver recruiter can be given some freedom to be creative in the hiring practice. However, the recruiting trail is never-ending as the shortage of truckers is real and never an easy roadblock to overcome. 

What Is A DQ File Checklist 

All trucking companies must have a DQ File Checklist on each employed driver. The checklist is a helpful tool for driver recruiters to ensure each trucker has all of the required documents and inquiries in their file. Updating a DQ File Checklist shouldn't be a dreaded task. It's a simple checklist of all the documents required by each driver before they're allowed to be behind the wheel. 

Some of the required documents found inside a DQ File Checklist include: 

• a completely filled out job application 
• MVR 
• verification of previous employment 
• valid documentation of passing a road test 
• current commercial driver's license 

All of the gathered information allows a driver recruiter to match a job candidate with an open position at the company. The more checks received, the better chance a candidate gets hired. It's important to be organized, so you can keep the conversation with potential new employees within the realm of them having all the proper paperwork filled out and ready to go before they can join the company. This is accomplished by having an updated DQ File Checklist on every potential job candidate. No driver can operate a truck unless their employment application is completed and signed. Having access to status updates on each candidate is essential for driver recruiters to hire the right personnel. 

The Importance Of A DQ File Checklist For Recruiters 

After hiring a new driver, it's important for a driver recruiter to keep track of them and make sure they're complying with all of the industry's regulations. Having an updated DQ File Checklist on each employee is critical for a company's success. From a driver recruiter's perspective, it's all about gathering and preserving the required information in a driver's file. 

Some of the top documentation found in a driver's file: 

• alcohol and drug testing results 
• safety performance evaluations 
• verified training session attendance 
• passing certificate of road tests 

Having an updated DQ File Checklist will save a trucking company from fines if the Department of Transportation decides to audit the books. First and foremost, federal inspectors begin their investigation by looking at the driver's DQ files. If the paperwork is incorrect or missing, then the company will be facing heavy fines for violating government regulations. It's important for driver recruiters to have each employee's DQ files updated regularly with the latest documentation inside. 

Driver's DQ File Checklist is an administration task that must meet strict federal guidelines. Often, drive recruiters overlook every aspect of this time-consuming task. It's important to be organized and avoid having paperwork pile up on your desk. Take the time to organize and verify each document inside every driver's DQ File Checklist. This approach should guarantee that you hired the most qualified drivers on the market. 

Finally, all DQ files must be kept on file for three years following the departure of a driver.

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