How To Create An Awesome User Experience On Your Website

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There are a few ways that can help you as a website owner to create a better experience for your users. This is often in terms of useability, but also in terms of establishing trust between you, the owner, and the visitor. 

1) Look Through Your Analytics Data 

This only applies for people who has an analytics tool that they use to keep and overview on how users behave on their website. These are tools such as the Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Search console and so on. Some control management systems even have their own form of analytics that you can use to get a more in-depth view of how users use your website. 

If you have installed Google Analytics, then there are a couple of ways that you can get a more detailed view of how users like to use your website. Indicators that are very common could be the bounce rate on your website, how long people stay, the behavior flow and so on. 

If you notice that a specific page has a very high bounce rate compared to other pages, then it is an indicator that there might be something wrong with that page. Sometimes you can immediately determine what these problems are and that allows you to change for a greater user experience. As a result, the bounce rate should lower over the next period. 

2) Make Sure That Your Website Is Trustworthy 

There are a lot of ways that you can make your website more trustworthy such as getting reviews from your visitors, getting good feedback in specific communities and so forth. Another way to do it is to make sure that your website lives up to all of todays requirements and standards. For the past few years GDPR and other data policies have become a heated topic and therefore it is often discussed whether your website is also compliant to these laws. On the internet you can easily search for a cookie checker such as the one provided by Cookiebot, which allows you to easily check your website for cookies. If users start revealing the fact that you have not created a compliant cookie policy, then it might create a big stir on the internet causing a lot of mistrust to your website. 

Besides that, you should do your best to make sure your website looks good and well compared to your competitor’s website in this specific niche. If your website looks outdated and provides a bad user experience it might harm your websites reputation on the internet. One of the first things that the users notice is the design and if your website looks a bit sketchy then they can easily go onto your competitors website for similar content such as the content that you provide on your site. 

3) Install A Website Heatmap 

On the internet there exist a good variety of heat maps that allows you to see exactly how users use your website, where they click and where they move their mouse. This allows you to get a more in-depth view on how your website is utilized. An example of this could be that you implemented a contact button a few months ago but have not noticed a lot more contact compared to the previous time without the contact button. 

With the website heat map it allows you to closely inspect why people miss the button. Reasons for this could be that the button is too hard to find on the page, the button does not look very clickable or that the text suggests something else. 

Generally there can be a lot of reason for why your new implemented things are not working as what you have thought and it is therefore a very good idea to get a more direct look on the behavioral pattern of your website visitors. 

4) Create A Custom Poll 

If you want a more direct and subjective answer from your visitors and users, then it might be the right time to suggest them answering a poll on what they think about the website. Your questions can depend a lot from website to website, but generally you can ask questions about what they think about your site, products, content and so on. 

To get people answering you can go the free route, which is manually asking your best customers through the newsletter, a contact button or so forth. If you want to create a better incentive for people to answer the poll, then it might be a good idea to give a small reward to everyone such as a custom point system or to give one big reward to one user. A lot of bigger brands and websites create competitions and gives bigger rewards to a few selected answers in their custom polls and feedback mails. 

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