7 Ways to Get Money Fast

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Did you know that almost 30% of Americans have little to no money in their savings account? This can be a real problem in case of an emergency. Having a few hundred or thousand dollars in your savings account can help you tremendously if you need to pay unexpected medical bills or have a different financial problem. 

Still, if you need money fast, there are many ways to procure it, even if your savings account is close to zero. Some quick cash methods work for people of all ages and they can help you deal with a pressing emergency. 

Keep reading to learn how to get fast cash and solve your financial problem. 

1. Sell Electronics You Don't Currently Use 

Almost everyone has extra electronic devices they don't currently use. Whether it's about a tablet that you received as a gift or a different type of smartphone that has become outdated, these items can bring you money if you sell them. 

Remember that what you consider useless now might be very useful for a person in need. Go online and advertise some of the electronics you don't use at the moment. Snap a few good pictures and set the correct price. 

You can earn a few hundred dollars by getting rid of unused electronics and have some more space in your house. If you need a larger sum of money, you can also learn how to sell my house fast for cash and get a few tens of thousands of dollars in return. 

2. Visit a Pawn Shop 

Pawn shops are ideal if you need money fast. The concept is simple - you bring a valuable, you leave it at the pawn shop in exchange for a sum of money, and you recuperate this item when you come back to pay the loan. 

When you need an urgent sum of money, pawn shops can save your day. They are present at almost any street corner and some of them offer impressive sums of cash, based on what valuables you want to pawn. Nowadays, you can even pawn your assets online through sites such as Unbolted.

3. Borrow Money From a Friend 

Friends are there for you in moments of need, right? Well, that's what the theory says. If you need urgent money to pay for medical treatment or another financial issue, try to borrow some money from an old friend of yours. 

Make sure that you know exactly how much you want to borrow and when will you pay back. If it helps you, it might be a good idea to write the deadline on a piece of paper to hold you accountable. After you have solved your problem and got your salary, the first thing you should do is to pay back your friend. 

4. Sell Unused Gift Cards 

Especially if you like to shop online, you probably have received a lot of gift cards that offer discounts or freebies. Not everyone uses these cards, though. If you know you haven't used yours, you can sell them on the internet or trade them for cash. 

There are special websites where you can do that. The idea is similar to selling electronics. What you consider useless today might be very useful for someone who needs that gift card. If you have a lot of these cards, it might be possible for you to transform them into a pretty sizable sum of money. 

5. Take a Loan From Your Retirement Account 

Some employers might be able to authorize a loan from your retirement account but under certain circumstances. For example, you can take a small loan but you need to pay it back in 60 days. This usually works for small amounts of money borrowed from your IRA account. 

If you want to borrow a larger sum, you can do that, but you need to pay it back in a few years. If you don't, your retirement account can become taxable and you might not be able to enjoy it when you retire. This solution works best for urgent needs and if you borrow small sums of money. Make sure that you know and agree to all the conditions before doing it. 

Based on this concept, you can also borrow against your life insurance. You need to have accumulated cash value on your life insurance for this type of loan to be accepted. If you can't pay back on time, the insurance company will use your accumulated cash value to get its money back over the years. 

6. Try Ridesharing Services or Delivery Apps 

If you're willing to use your assets to make quick money, you can try ridesharing services. This means using apps such as Uber or Bolt to transport people to their destinations. If you drive around frequently, a ridesharing service can bring a substantial income every month. 

At the same time, you can also use your car, motorcycle, and even bicycle to deliver goods around town. You will be a courier and make good money delivering food, drinks, household items, and documents. 

Best of all, delivery services usually pay couriers once a week, so you can get your cash fast. Depending on how much you work and what vehicle you use, it's possible to earn a decent income by being a courier. 

7. Walk Dogs Every Day 

If you like animals, why not monetize your passion. Some companies offer dog walking services to people who are too busy to do it on their own. You show up at the dog owner's house, walk the dog, and receive your paycheck. 

This is a great opportunity to make some quick cash without much effort and regardless of your age. Some people also stay with dogs or other animals while owners are busy at work or traveling. You can get paid on the spot or receive a weekly paycheck to your account. 

Now You Know What to Do If You Need Money Fast! 

Everyone is in a position to need money fast at some point in life. The tips mentioned above usually work for everyone and some of them are very easy to put into practice. Once you have tried these methods, commit to save 10% of your income, so that next time your savings account can save the day in case of emergency. 

For more money and finance-related tips and tricks, make sure that you check out the other articles on our website. Visit the Startups section of our site to learn more side hustles and monetization methods to implement when you need money fast.

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