Key Website Design Issues

key website design issues

Uncomfortable And Incomprehensible Navigation 

As was previously seen, the development of site design should take into account the needs of potential visitors to the site and anticipate problems that may arise in the process of its use. In order to make the site easier to design and use, it is necessary to make a model (map) of the site. When developing it is used to create a clear, logical structure of the site and simple and understandable to the visitor site navigation. It is considered good practice to test the created model and only then apply it in practice. 

When choosing a suitable version of the site structure, you should remember that each page should not have a lot of information, because the principles of perception of printed and screen text is quite different. From the screen is poorly perceived a large amount of information, you need to break it down into smaller parts and highlight the most important aspects of the text. For example, if the company's website presents a large selection of products, the best solution is to create a catalog. Moving through the catalog, the visitor gets access to a page with a description of a particular product, while on the same page there are links to all other sections of the site. 

Incorrect Color Scheme 

The colors used on the web page are also very important. When choosing a color must take into account the fact that colors can also transmit information and choosing the right color scheme can significantly improve the site and make it more attractive to the visitor. At the same time, with the wrong color selection, the perception of the page can significantly deteriorate (for example, placing white text on a yellow background will worsen the readability of the text). Free mockups will help to fix that. Also, the combination of non- harmonious colors on the one hand can attract the attention of the visitor with its unusuality and contrast, and on the other hand can make the site unusable. 

It is important to note that some people (including Internet users) may not distinguish colors. Approximately 8% of men and 1% of women suffer from color blindness. Most often they do not distinguish between red and green colors, but there are also rare shapes when not distinguishing between yellow and blue, as well as the shape when a person sees everything black and white. When choosing colors and creating a site design, you need to select colors so that they were sufficiently contrasting. 

Page Loading Speed 

Ease of use of the site depends not only on the color scheme, structure and navigation, but also on the type of Internet connection. Many people use a high-speed DSL-connection, but there are still users who are connected to the network using telephone lines, at best it is ISDN, at worst it is a modem with a speed of 56 Kbps. 

When creating a website, you should take into account the amount of graphics and various effects used on the page, because the visitor will not wait for it all to load. In the course of various studies, it was found that the visitor is ready to wait for the page to load within 10 seconds. If the information does not appear during this time, the visitor just leaves. 

In addition to the "heavy" graphics, loading can also be slowed down by the large number of nested tables, because the table will not be displayed on the screen until all of its contents are loaded. Therefore, when creating websites, elements on pages should be positioned using CSS rather than tables. 

Compatibility With Different Platforms And Browsers 

Another problem is that users use different browsers and operating systems. Many sites on the Internet are optimized for a particular platform and browser. This is not the best solution, because in this case there is a risk of losing visitors who use, for example, another browser. 

Therefore, when developing a page, if possible, it should be viewed in different browsers and on different platforms, because the same browser installed on different platforms may display pages differently (for example, Internet Explorer, running on the Windows platform, significantly different from the same version installed on MacOS X). This will avoid problems with displaying them. 

In no case you should write on a page that it is optimized for a particular browser and you should watch it using it. It is up to the user to decide what is more convenient to use and not to force him to use something he does not like. Most often, if a page is not displayed correctly, it will simply leave and never come back to this site. 

The solution may be to use CSS for formatting and positioning elements, because in most browsers the pages will display correctly (there may be some problems with Internet Explorer, for which it will be necessary to optimize the code a bit).

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