5 Creative Ways To Improve Productivity & Keep Costs Down For Your New Business

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As a new business owner, your primary objective is to get the maximum return on investment from every resource. Your company employees are the most dynamic resource and nurturing them will help you enhance performance, productivity, and create a workplace environment conducive to success. Research focused on improving worker engagement has identified several ways in which startup owners can increase well-being and output. The interesting fact is that these strategies can be economical and provide good value for money. Here’s how:

1. Encourage Employees To Bond Over Food 

Take a page out of Google’s management processes where the company has 30 cafeterias at its Mountain View headquarters. In addition to providing healthy meals, the company also fosters a work culture where people can dig into nutritious meals in a welcoming and inspirational atmosphere. Food caterers are encouraged to come up with exciting and novel cuisines that are exciting and delicious. 

You can do the same by planning office meals ahead and placing orders in advance to cut back on costs. Catering can be affordable if you do your homework. For instance, check out the Panera Bread menu or other online menus to see what suits your next luncheon. 

2. Encourage Team Building With Customized Uniforms 

An effective strategy to raise engagement and team building is to establish a connection with the company brand and logo. And, possibly, the best way to make that happen, at low costs, is to order custom uniforms. You could choose from tees, sweatshirts, hats, and backpacks and give them out to your employees. Bulk ordering from a good apparel agency will get you economical printing with smartly-placed logos for better visibility. 

You can also get each item customized with the company’s colors by putting in a request with the website’s designing team. You’ll improve morale and boost productivity and professionalism. 

3. Encourage Streamlined Work Processes with Free Apps 

Coordination is the key to employee productivity with each person delivering assignments on time. You can choose from the many collaboration tools available on the internet and install them. Working together and communicating consistently helps workers connect and exchange ideas instantly. Emailing and messaging not only helps people stay updated with the progress of the tasks assigned to their team, but they can also keep track of the conversation timelines, effectively. Slack, Twist, Trello, Asana, and Basecamp are only some of the best options. 

4. Encourage And Motivate Through Autonomy 

Employees work best in an environment that motivates them to perform up to the best of their abilities. As the business owner, assign deliverables and deadlines, and then, give people the freedom to work at their pace. Understand that checking phones, taking coffee breaks, and interacting with team members are essential distractions. Experts call it “restorative function” that spurs productivity. Welcome ideas and provide the autonomy to infuse novel approaches that could possibly, help you cut back on costs. 

5. Encourage Remote Working And Flexible Hours 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, company owners were increasingly recognizing that the most effective low-cost strategy to improve productivity is to offer flexibility. Permitting workers to work from home to keep up with personal and family commitments improves engagement. Further, you could permit them variable working hours as long as they keep up with the tasks assigned to them. Possibly, the best advantage of this strategy is lower employee turnover that can prove to be expensive. When you’re putting together a team and training people for your new business, avoiding this cost goes a long way. 

Keep Company Costs Down Creatively

Establishing a new company requires you to pay careful attention to your team. Figure out the most effective and low-cost strategies to improve productivity, enhance engagement, and keep your people happy.

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