How To Protect Your Car Dealership

how to protect car dealership security vehicle lot

Back in 2018, approximately 2,000 vehicles were stolen in this country every day. These thefts cost American citizens approximately $6.2 billion. Car dealerships seem to be an ideal location for thieves to target. This is because many of the cars are left outside and there tends to be little to no security. The good news is you can help to protect your car dealership. This article will show you how you can keep your dealership a little safer. 

Use Video Surveillance 

Did you know that if you have a video surveillance system it can help to deter thieves? When they see that you have a system such as this they might think twice. These days, cameras can pick up high-quality images, helping to make it easier to catch thieves. 

Try to opt for a video surveillance system that takes a live video of your car lot and your display areas. Use motion sensors and settings so you’re alerted when they detect suspicious activity. You should also make sure that your live video feeds are archived rather than erased. 

Use A Monitored Alarm System 

Monitored alarm systems are ideal. They sound an alarm that can deter the would-be thieves. In addition to this, a system can also have visual alarms. A signal will be sent to your chosen monitoring service and you and the authorities will be informed. When you use a system such as this, your commercial insurance could decrease because your car dealership will be more secure. 

Install Fences And Lights 

Fencing acts as a physical barrier and it can help to deter thieves. In addition to this, if exit points are limited, escaping the car dealership will be harder. Consider also installing a control system so that a passcode is required to gain entry. Make sure someone takes a walk around the fence at least once a day. Check for holes and other entry points. 

When it comes to lighting, try to illuminate those dark corners where thieves might like to hide. The more lighting there is the less likely someone is to steal one of your cars. You should check how well the lights work now and again so you can replace any damaged or missing bulb. 

Keep Your Car Keys Secure 

You might be surprised to learn that almost 300,000 cars were stolen between 2016 and 2016 because their keys were left in the car. Make sure you always keep your car keys and fobs secure. Ideally, they should all be stored in a safe or two. As soon as you have locked a car place the key or fob in a safe. Alternatively, you could keep them in a room that has a passcode entry system. 

Protecting your car dealership should be a priority. With more than 2,000 vehicles stolen every day, your dealership could be next. Don’t take any chances, even if you live in a good part of the town. Keep your cars as secure as you can so you have peace of mind.

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