How to Make Money Selling Clothes: A Step-By-Step Guide

how to make money selling clothes online clothing ecommerce sales

Nearly 4 in every 10 Americans have a side hustle, which earns them an average of $686 per month. 

Online selling is one of the most promising side hustles. From clothes to shoes to accessories, you can sell the things you no longer use to sustain yourself. With time, you can turn your side hustle to your main job. 

This guide discusses helpful tips on how to make money selling clothes. Keep reading to know the tactics you should use, and the best platforms you should consider. 

Choose Your Ideal Platform 

The first step is to choose the best platform for selling clothes online. Multiple apps and websites connect buyers and sellers, thanks to advanced technology and internet use. 

The sites have different terms and conditions in terms of fees, shipping procedures, and so on. Therefore, it is advisable to understand the available platforms to make an informed decision. Here are the leading platforms to sell clothes for money. 


Poshmark is an online marketing agency for clothes, shoes, and accessories. It connects buyers and sellers selling their new or second-hand handbags, dresses, shoes, and other related products. 

Before selling on Poshmark, you should download the app to your Android or iOS device. The app is easy to use, offers prepaid shipping, and is shareable to social media platforms. 


Kidizen is a convenient online selling platform for kidswear. The app is mobile-friendly, meaning you can download it to your Android or Apple device. Besides the children's clothes, you can use this platform to sell other things, too, provided that they are allowed. 


eBay has been a popular online selling platform for clothes, thanks to its ease of use. To use it, you should sign up, and then customize your seller account. 

You can sell your old clothes provided that they are still in great condition. You can also sell all the handcrafted garments and accessories on eBay. 

The RealReal 

This is a great online selling site for luxurious clothes. If you have expensive accessories that you would like to sell, this platform will connect you to high-end clients. 

The fee is relatively higher than that of other sites, but you will not have to ship. The consignment shop comes for the clothes at your home! 

Mosh Posh 

Like the RealReal, mosh posh only specializes in luxurious clothes. You can use it to sell dresses and clutches from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, and other high-end firms. 

Other online platforms to consider include Tradesy, Mercari, ThreadUp, Refashioned, and so on. You can use multiple sites, although one site will be better for a start. With time, you can try other platforms too. 

List Your Clothes 

Now that you have found the best place to resell clothes, you should now list your products. Your listing should include the type of clothes, the brand, the size, gender preference, material type, etc. 

The listing should be brief but informative. For this reason, you may use keywords (the searchable words) to increase the visibility of your clothes. 

Many platforms provide an 80-character limit for the description. Utilize it well with your keywords, but remember to remain professional and competitive. You may go through the listings of top sellers to see how they have utilized their descriptions. 

Take Great Photos 

A photo should accompany the description. Otherwise, you may not attract any customer by using a compelling description with no picture. 

Don't worry if you are not a certified photographer. You will only need a great smartphone that can capture clear images of the clothes. 

If you can afford it, find a digital camera and a cameraperson to help you capture your clothes' best angles. Here are helpful tips for the photographing: 

• Take the pictures during the day to take advantage of natural light 
• Ensure that the background of the photographs is plain 
• Crop the unnecessary things 
• Ensure that the image is visible without straining the eyes 

Remember to take multiple pictures of the clothes. The different images should show the front part of the cloth, the back piece, the sides, etc. You may also attach videos where necessary. 

State the Price 

The platforms you use will give you a price suggestion based on your competitors' pricing. That's the starting price, and you can increase yours if you think your clothes have a higher value. 

You can add the term "negotiable" to attract more clients. Just ensure that the price is not too low, and is not too high to scare your potential buyers. 

Mention the Shipping Terms and Conditions 

Assuming that you get a buyer, how will you ship the clothes? Many buyers consider the delivery method and fee before they buy. Be sure to outline the procedures for convenience. 

Sell It and Get Paid! 

You can now sell your product once you have included every important detail. Throughout the selling process, you should encourage communication with your buyers. 

Hear their opinions, answer their questions, and be clear with your concerns. You might also encourage your buyers to leave reviews after the service. The reviews can help you get more new clients. 

Most online selling platforms accept PayPal, although there are other payment methods too. Only ship the clothes when the buyer has confirmed the payment. 

Remember to Advertise 

The last important tip is to market your clothes. Even after your first sale, you should increase your sales campaigns to boost your traffic and get more money! Here are great ways to marketing your clothes: 

• Share the link of your profile to social media platforms 
• Encourage your friends and relatives to share 
• Give discounts 
• Be honest in your sales 
• Show off your clients' reviews and testimonials 
• Provide a bulletproof cash refund guarantee 
• Target the right audience 
• Offer many payment options 

Address the complaints too. Treat every customer well, and you will note an increase in your sales. Don't forget to increase your inventory too. 

Keep Learning How to Make Money Selling Clothes 

Selling is a process. You should advance your skills every day to remain competitive. You can learn how to make money selling clothes by reading inspirational stories or seeking advice from the established entrepreneurs. 

Learn from the best clothing sellers, ignore negativity, and focus on clothes sales. Observe the tips above, too, to stay relevant and blossom your clothing selling hustle. 

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