How To Create And Convert PDF Files: The Best PDF Converters

 How to convert PDF to Office for free

A portable document format is a secure storage format used not only by professionals but also by ordinary users. Since PDF documents are highly reliable, they cannot be edited. To make these files available for editing, they need to be converted to another format, such as Word. You also need to be able to host your PDF portfolio properly. What software is required to accomplish this task? How can we change PDF to Word, Word to PDF, jpg to PDF, etc.? 

An obstacle to the even wider distribution of PDF is the lack of programs designed to create, convert, and edit documents in this format. There are many free applications for viewing PDF. If you want to make any manipulations to the file, you will have to turn to expensive commercial software, which is not acceptable to everyone. It's good that more and more web applications are coming to our rescue, which allows you to edit, extract text and images, combine several documents and perform other actions with PDF. In this review, you will learn how to perform the most popular operations with electronic documents using only your browser.

How To Create PDF In Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox

Adobe Acrobat is the main program for creating electronic documents in PDF format, but its impressive price tag makes you look for other options. The most popular online office editors make it easy to save your work in this format. This way, any document you create in Microsoft Office Online or Google Drive can be converted to PDF. If you use another online pdf editor or need to save a web page to PDF, you can always use the virtual printer built into Google Chrome. To do this, you need to send the page to print but select the Save as PDF option in the print settings. You may need a unique HTML to PDF service to convert any web page into an electronic document. Here you only need to specify the page address, set portrait or landscape orientation, and choose some other options to get a finished document at the output, containing not only text, pictures, and links, but even a table of contents.

Why Convert PDF To Word Or Word To PDF?

Convert your word excel powerpoint jpeg into pdf file

PDF files are ubiquitous and have become incredibly popular as they bring many benefits. Anyone can read the PDF file with the free adobe reader, but not modify it, and the file can be password protected. PDF files usually take up little space and are therefore well suited for mailing. The use of PDF files is growing in the world, becoming more and more popular. PDF has the great advantage that it can be read on any platform and displayed the same everywhere. Another beneficial advantage is that the amount of data in a regular file can be significantly reduced in a PDF file. PDFCreator offers a host of features to support these benefits - download now.

How To Create And Convert PDF Files With Lumin PDF

How to Convert PDF to Word

Upload the file from your computer or drag and drop it into the appropriate field. Select any file you want to convert to PDF. Our tool automatically converts files – Word to PDF, PDF to jpg, jpg to PDF, all up to the latest .docx format to be easily opened and edited in Word and other popular programs. You can also upload the file from cloud storage like google drive. But that is not all: Lumin PDF PDF is an online converter that can convert almost anything into PDF format. For example, you can convert a word document to PDF. You can create PDF files anywhere, on any computer, when you don't have Lumin PDF installed. Lumin PDF additionally offers many PDF plugging for various systems. In this case, you can create PDF files in other systems directly. For example, your visitors have the option to save individual articles as a PDF. This is a small but important improvement to your system. 

With tools from Lumin PDF PDF, you can create PDF files in many different ways. Take a look at online PDF utilities from Lumin PDF PDF, where you can use PDF tools to create PDF files. Most of the problems with PDF can be solved with these PDF utilities. When you convert from PDF to Word, the document layout is preserved. This guarantees the inviolability of the format and position of all elements on the pages. Once the PDF is converted, you can access your new document by downloading it to your computer and opening it in your browser. You can also email a link to your file.

How to Combine PDF Files Into One Document

How To Combine Multiple Documents Into One

If you have several PDF files and need to combine them into one, then the PDFMerge service will come to your rescue. It is enough to indicate two or more documents on a hard drive to get one PDF in a few seconds, which includes all the necessary pages.


Convert PDF To Word, Word To PDF, JPG To PDF, Etc.

The widely used software can be used for conversion. The program offers several methods that simplify the conversion task and improve the quality of the results. To get started, you need to download a PDF file, and then select a new format for saving. After saving, you should open the exported file to check if the conversion is correct.

Several programs will allow you to convert PDF files for further editing easily:

• SmallPDF is a service that has a simple and intuitive interface. Just drag the xls, doc, ppt, jpg, png, bmp, tiff, or gif file into the upload field, and it will be converted to PDF. It is also possible to convert PDF to other formats. Finished files are saved to your hard drive or dropbox or google drive.  In the free version, you can only do two transactions per hour. For $6 a month, you can use the service without ads and process multiple PDFs at once.

• PDFcandy can convert images, e-books, and documents to PDF in over 20 formats: jpg, tiff, epub, mobi, fb2, cbr, cbz, doc, ppt, xls, odt, and more. Besides this, the service can crop, rotate, sort pages, and resize PDFs.

• is an excellent and straightforward service. Converts documents, spreadsheets, and pictures to PDF and vice versa. Also, you can split, glue, and compress PDF documents, add page numbering. It supports downloading files from a hard drive, via a link, and from cloud storage Dropbox or Google drive.

• PDF2go is a versatile tool to edit and convert PDF. Converts doc, odt, txt, rtf, epub, jpg, png, bmp, tiff, gif, svg and ppt, and odp presentations to PDF. Built-in ocr can convert even a PDF from glued images into an editable file. Other features include sorting and deleting pages, resizing a sheet, and recovering damaged PDFs. The free option has limited download size and access to some functions and displays ads. A $6/month subscription removes these inconveniences.

• IlovePDF, for the most part, duplicates the capabilities of previous services. With it, you can convert Excel, Word, PowerPoint files, and various images to PDF. Besides, the service can compress, split, merge PDF, and overlay your watermark on the pages - useful if you want to protect your copyrights.

• Free PDF convert is quite a popular service: it has as many as 10 million users. To convert to PDF, drag the document into the browser window and select the desired format. You can also select a source file from Dropbox or Google drive, or download it from a link. The free version of the service limits the size of uploaded documents. The problem can be solved for $9 a month. 

PDF Power 

As you can see, PDFs have a lot of power and potential. Keep these top PDF converters in mind to create and convert the right files you need for business and personal use.

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