Tackling An Unsafe Neighbourhood: 5 Tips

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Neighborhoods and living environments have a vital role in a family’s sense of personal happiness and home safety. When you live in a safe neighborhood, you are more likely to indulge in activities such as gardening, spending time outside your house in the front, knowing your neighbors, etc. Living in a bad neighborhood can make a person feel on edge. Here are a few tips you can use to feel safer at your home: 

Know Your Neighbors 

Becoming friends or building any sort of relationship with your neighbors is usually a win-win scenario. Knowing that there are people in close proximity to you, willing to help in times of danger offers a safety blanket. Offer your services in case of emergencies as well to look out for small children and older couples. 

Planning activity-based get-togethers with your neighbors such as daily walks in the park, cards, and tea at someone’s house is a great way of getting to know your neighbors better. Helping keep tabs on each other’s children and watching a neighbor’s home if they are out of town can be a great way for everyone to stay safe. Know your neighbors and protect your neighbors, but don't covet thy neighbors!

Planning Neighborhood Watch 

Organize neighborhood safety efforts with other neighbors. Forming a neighborhood association is a great way to collectively involve the community in self-security. It is said that there is safety in numbers. Try using measures such as a neighborhood watch in your area. A lot of research has shown that community measures in ‘bad neighborhoods’ have led to remarkable improvements in the area’s safety. 

Install A Home Security System 

With the coming of technology, it has become easier to make your house secure. Home security systems install video surveillance systems at every possible entry and exit. Complex security systems like SMART Security Pros offer the benefit of securing valuables, protecting your loved ones, and deterring crime. It also can allow remote access to your home, providing you access to monitor what is happening in and around your house. 

Keep A Dog 

Not only will you have a cute, furry and cuddly companion, they will also help keep your house safe from unwanted intruders. Dogs are extremely loyal and a great deterrent for burglars. Even if you decide to keep a small dog and not a huge and ferocious one, the mere bark of the dog will scare trespassers away. 

Close Blinds And Windows At Night 

Leaving windows open at night, especially in an unsafe neighborhood is highly advised against. Try keeping your blinds closed, not providing a clear look into your house and its layout. A lot of criminals start casing the property and the occupant’s routine before attempting a burglary. Securing your windows and doors with sturdy locks help offer an extra layer of protection for your house. 

Safety And Security

It is tough trying to be safe in an unsafe neighborhood. There are a multitude of things that can go wrong. By following these simple tips you can help keep your home, loved ones as well as your neighborhood safe.

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