External Organisations That Can Help Your Business To Succeed

external organisations help business succeed company growth

 As a small business owner, it is important to always consider ways in which you could improve your business which could help you to improve your bottom line, compete at a higher level and satisfy the needs of your target customer. One of the best ways in which you can do this is to seek support from external organisations that can help a business to grow in different ways. Here are a few ideas. 

Financial Support 

One of the main ways that you can improve your business through another organisation is through financial support. Loans can be used to start or grow a business and they are an intelligent way to make positive changes to the business without having to give up any equity. 

Local Growth Hubs 

Business owners seeking any kind of support or guidance should look to local growth hubs. There are 39 Government-backed hubs around the UK which bring together business leaders, councils, universities, business bodies and other relevant organisations to support local businesses and help them to grow through advice, support and guidance. 

Legal Advice 

Every business needs to make sure that they are legally compliant as well as know how to protect themselves which is why legal advice is so important, particularly for new startups. With legal and regulatory landscapes constantly changing and evolving it can be challenging to keep up, but external companies can help businesses to stay compliant through the use of the best and latest legal technology

Chamber Of Commerce 

The Chamber of Commerce are a useful organization for any business looking to grow. They can provide practical advice and support for any British company trying around the world, which will include networking opportunities, training and workshops along with tailored advice. 

Federation Of Small Businesses 

Joining the FSB is certainly worth the £130 per annum membership fee as it can help small business owners to grow their business and overcome common issues. They provide advice, support, finance, networking and other useful services in addition to bringing key issues forward to the government so they are an organisation that does a lot for small businesses in this country. 


As you can see, there are a handful of external organisations that can help a business to grow and improve. You always need to be moving forward in the business world but this can be challenging, so getting help from external organisations can be an intelligent way to achieve this.

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