3 Ways To Live A Frugal Lifestyle And Save Money Every Day

ways to live frugal lifestyle save money daily budget frugality

Money is an issue all of us wrestle with each month. With the high cost of living in so many cities across the country, most people find that their paycheck is gone before they know it. The monthly payment for housing, be it a mortgage or for rent, takes a huge bite out of our income. Utilities, groceries and meals, insurance, health care and other items easily take most of the rest. At the end of the month most of us have a few days of belt-tightening we have to do to just get by. We already work a lot of hours so you would think that would leave us well off. Instead, it just takes up all of our life and barely leaves us with energy to thrive. It's so important to cut back on our expenses if we are going to survive. 

Get A Job That Lets You Telecommute 

One of the few positives that has come out of the pandemic times is the willingness of employers to let their employees telecommute. Every year experts predicted that more people would be able to work from home, and now it has finally come true. If you are able to work from home, you'll save a lot of money each month. Without having to commute, you'll greatly reduce your automobile and fuel expenses. If you are a couple or family, you may even only need one car now. Best of all, though, if you work from home you can now live anywhere. There's no longer a need to live in a high priced, crowded city with exorbitant housing costs. You can move to a rural or low-cost area and save a lot of money each month. 

Sign Up For Subscription Boxes 

Subscription boxes let you try great new products or can even replenish the basic items you need each month. There are great deals out there for shaving where you can get razors far below retail cost. If you love beauty products, you can get a selection of name brand and new products each month for far below regular price. There are boxes for fashion, food and so much more. Each subscription box is a curated showcase of great products perfectly tailored to the niche or category you selected. People that are interested in medical marijuana, for instance, can sign up for a marijuana subscription box service. At regular intervals, you'll receive a wonderful selection of glass pipes, rolling papers and custom paraphernalia. 

Buy Foods In Bulk And Split The Costs With Neighbors 

You can save so much each month when you buy in bulk. Brands spend so much money on packaging and usually sell only small sizes at most stores. When you purchase in bulk you get substantial discounts on the very same items you would spend top dollar for at the grocery chain. One of the problems with buying bulk is that you usually have to purchase in quantity, and after all you really don't need 52 of anything. If you pool your purchases with a few neighbors, though, you can simply split the bulk items up between you. Each individual or family will save a lot and no one will be overwhelmed by the quantity. There are even companies that deliver bulk orders along a route at substantial savings, so be sure to look for them when you get ready to make your purchases.

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