A Complete Guide To Charter Spectrum Services

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Everything You Need to Know About Top Charter Services 

If you are thinking about installing the Charter Internet or TV services at your home, you are reading the right thing. The services like Spectrum plans offer both affordability and convenience to the customers. But before subscribing to any of the plans, it is important to determine the hidden costs and installation fees of various services. This can help you to stay on budget and choose the right services according to your lifestyle. Read on to know about the different features in detail. 

Charter Availability 

This provider is one of the top cable companies across the USA. It currently offers its services in 44 states including New York, California, and Texas extra. About 102.7 million residential and business customers enjoy access to its great Internet, phone, and TV services. 

Charter Spectrum Best Services 

This provider has been offering quality packages and bundles to its customers since 1999. Its services are highly popular among the customers because they are very reliable and affordable. Also, they come with several other amazing features. 

TV Packages 

The top TV packages offered by this company provide the customers with a diverse range of news, sports, and movie channels. Also, customers can enjoy access to this provider’s huge on- demand library. 

They can easily watch the latest blockbusters anytime and anywhere with the TV app. The TV app also allows the customers to manage other features like parental controls extra. The popular TV packages offered by this company include: 

charter spectrum services tv plans pricing

Internet Packages 

This company offers a range of Internet packages to its customers. These packages come with FREE equipment and antivirus software. This means that you won’t have to buy expensive protection to keep your systems secure. Also, because of this provider’s strong network infrastructure, outage issues hardly become a problem. The top Internet plans offered by this company include: 

guide charter spectrum internet packages

Phone Service 

This provider offers quality phone plans to allow its customers to enjoy unlimited calls with their loved ones. Its phone service also offers other features to the customers including enhanced 911 services, caller ID, and blocking options. Also, you don’t have to sign long term contracts or worry about data caps while using this company’s voice services. 


If you want to enjoy more than one service by this provider, you can opt for the bundling option. This provider offers both Double Play and Triple Play bundles. So, you just have to determine your needs before choosing any bundle. By doing so, you’ll be able to reduce costs and enjoy quality services at your home. 

Service Installation 

You can purchase Charter plans/bundles by visiting their website. You can also do so by seeking customer support. You can either rent the equipment from the provider or buy it on your own. After purchase, you will have to install these services at your home. You can either opt for the self-installation or professional installation option. 


If you choose the self-installation option, you can greatly reduce costs. This is because to self- install the TV service at home, you’ll have to pay nothing. But to self-install the Internet service, you’ll still have to pay $9.99. Also through self-installation, you won’t have to worry about setting up a schedule. You can install the service at your own convenience. 


If you opt for the professional installation option, you’ll have to pay more. The pro-installation cost for both the TV and Internet service individually is around $49.99. You will also have to determine your availability to get these services installed. Because of the Coronavirus crisis, this option might not be a safe one as well. 

Hidden Charges 

Besides the regular charges, there are many hidden costs of this provider’s services as well. So, make sure that you are well-familiar with them before you subscribe to any of its packages. 

Prices After Promotional Period 

Charter offers a promotional period of about one year to its customers. During this period, the advertised speeds and channels are offered at a discounted price. But after the promotional period is over, the prices can significantly increase. 

If you have a subscription to a TV package, you can expect a maximum of $35 increase in prices after the promotional period. It also depends upon your location and the other services that you’ve subscribed to. Also, if you have a sports add-on, you might have to pay a regional sports fee as well. 

For Internet users, the prices can go up by $20. It depends upon the speeds that you’re getting and your location. So, make sure that you have this price hike in mind before subscribing to this provider’s packages and bundles. 

Equipment And Late Fees 

This company offers a FREE modem to its Internet service subscribers. So, you won’t have to buy this equipment while subscribing to an Internet package. But if you want to install Wi-Fi at your home, then you might have to rent a router. You can rent it from the provider or purchase it from the market. 

The cost of TV equipment like DVRs depends upon their numbers. If you have a big household and want to purchase multiple types of equipment, then the costs will increase a lot. But if you want only one DVR for your home, then the monthly cable bill won’t be a problem for you. 

Finally, if you forget to pay your monthly cable, phone, and internet bill, then you’ll have to pay an extra $8.95. So, make sure that you pay your bills on time to avoid these extra fees. 

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