How To Move Business Locations

how to move business locations moving offices

Moving business locations often means you’ll face problems and disruptions. Of course, your business productivity may also suffer. 

How does one move business locations with as few problems as possible? Here, we list down some important things you need to do to ensure you avoid chaos when you move locations. 

Research The Location 

Among the very first things you need to do is to research the location. Although your budget often dictates your location options, it’s also wise to scout which locations will best satisfy your plan. 

Take into account the following factors: 

● Accessibility to suppliers and clients 
● Parking 
● Public transit 
● Convenience for shipping 
● Services 
● Zoning matters 

You might also need to know your moving transport options. For instance, van hire in Cardiff may be necessary to move important items. 

Have A Moving Plan 

Having a well-structured moving plan is important to move your business location with as little disruption as possible. See if you need to hire integrated service providers to gain knowledge, resources, and expertise. You might also seek the service of a removal company. Whichever you choose, make sure you have a concrete, executable plan that will help you move seamlessly. 

Create A Realistic Budget 

Your costs can quickly balloon. Determine the actual, full costs of your office relocation. 

Be careful with estimates because it’s easy to misjudge prices. You might need to consult an experienced commercial relocation company to create a realistic budget. 

Plan The Office Design And Declutter 

Plan the way you’ll use and maximize your new workspace. Find office interior solutions that will help you get a high-standard office design that still falls within your budget. 

This is also a chance to declutter your office. You can get rid of redundant furniture and equipment. 

Find a way to responsibly dispose of business or commercial waste to lower disposal expenses. 

You can donate useable or recyclable items like office furniture, electronic equipment, and others. You may even resell items with sizeable values. 

Spreading The Word 

Decide who needs to know your relocation efforts. Effective communication can help you advance your business goals even in relocation. 

Here are some things you can do to communicate your business move: 

● Create an email or postal campaign 
● Put up a notification on your website 
● Use social media posts and announcements 
● Update your listing, office stationery, website, and email footers 

Also, don’t forget to communicate with your bank and insurance providers about your move. 

IT And Communication 

Another critical factor you need to consider when moving to business locations is your IT equipment. 

● Desktops - audit equipment setups and sensitive data in systems 
● Data Centres / Servers - relocate servers that host critical data 
● Telephones and Connections - ensure phone systems and internet connections are working properly and connectivity isn’t lost 

Negotiate The Agreement 

Last but not least, negotiate your agreement, whether it’s lease or purchase. 

If you’re leasing, review all incidental costs and responsibilities. These include property tax, insurance, maintenance, and utilities. 

If you’re buying, perform due diligence. This means you conduct the following: 

● Environmental assessment 
● Building condition assessment 
● Appraisal 
● Title search 
● Vendor document review 

Check New Laws And Regulations 

It’s also wise to stay updated about business news and/or new rules you might need to follow when moving. This is particularly true in the UK, where they often update laws and regulation for: 

● Healthy and safety 
● Employment 
● Tariffs and taxes 
● Industry competition 
● Data protection 
● Economic policies 

Make sure you research important business regulations related to your industry. 

Ready Relocate Your Business? 

Take into account the above factors, and you’ll minimize the hassle and stress a business relocation can give. Proper planning and implementation can go a long way. Make sure you do it right.

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