How to Look Rich and Classy for an Important Business Meeting

how to look rich and classy important business meeting portray successful image

It takes just 27 seconds to make a good first impression. Within that tiny period of time, the other person has determined how trustworthy you are.

With so little time to spare, you may worry about giving the right impression at important meetings. Looking successful is a great way to create opportunities to find success. 

For many, looking successful involves looking rich. Sometimes you have to look the part, even if you aren't wealthy.

Are you wondering how to look rich and classy? Read on to learn the secrets behind the look.

First Impressions Matter

Before we get into how to look or dress, stop to consider how you arrive at the business meeting.

Arriving on a bicycle could leave you looking windblown and flustered. Public transport shows environmentally friendly credentials. Yet it still doesn't scream 'rich and classy'.

What if you can't afford a Porsche or a Maserati? Renting luxury cars can be a good alternative option. People will associate you with the premium brand.

Yet you only need to rent it for a day, and you don't have the expensive upkeep to pay for the rest of the year.

How to Dress Well

Designer labels are a great place to start in looking rich. That said, there's more to looking classy than wearing head-to-foot designer pieces.

Pick something classic and timeless in a simple color palette. Seasonal items and bright colors go out of fashion, which counteracts your new aura of wealth. 

Choose high-quality fabrics like silk or cashmere. They're expensive fabrics but they're also comfortable to wear.

Wearing too many statement pieces at once looks like you're trying too hard. Choose only one statement piece. For men, that could be your wristwatch. Women might pick a statement necklace or shoes.

Pay attention to your personal styling too. Get your hair cut the day before the meeting. Have a manicure-that goes for men too. Well-cared-for nails help maintain the image of wealth.

How to Look Wealthy

We're covered how to dress well to look rich and classy. Are there any other tips for creating this new wealthy-looking version of yourself?

Include luxury things among your accessories or tech that you need for a meeting.

There are lots of ways to use luxury things. Wristwatches, sunglasses, bags, and gadgets are good examples. They give you the opportunity to highlight status every time you interact with them.

They also make sense in the context of a meeting. You can draw attention to them by simply opening your bag, or checking the time. These won't stand out as obvious attempts to show them off because you use them normally.

That's How to Look Rich and Classy

Now you know how to look rich and classy for important business meetings. Remember that a lot of the 'look' comes down to your attitude. Act like you're rich and people will assume you are. Exude success and it will come to you!

The clothes, accessories, and cars reinforce the image. They help people to see you as a person they can work with and invest in. Look the part and let the business roll in. Dress for success and look like a million dollars, so maybe in the near future you will be worth that much money.

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