Getting to Market: A Business Logistics Guide

getting to market business logistics guide supply chain logistical plans

Did you know that 20% of small businesses fail during their first two years of being open? No business owner wants to think about the possibility of failing which is why planning ahead of time is important. We have put together this guide to help you navigate and set up your business logistics to have everything running as smoothly as possible. 

Keep reading to learns the ins and outs of business logistics. 

1. Supply Chain

Managing your supply chain is important if you want to achieve smooth business logistics. The key is to keep it simple whether you are shipping nationally or internationally. You want to take the time to come up with a clear flowchart that will give you a clear view of the supply chain. 

Look at each stage and make them as simple as possible while still maintaining efficiency and speed. InLog CLS is a perfect way to streamline your logistics. 

2. Packaging

The last thing you want to do is cut corners in packaging your products. Insufficient packaging or low-quality packing materials will make it easier for your goods to be damaged and returned back by the sender. This will equate to losing money and dealing with unsatisfied customers. 

Look into packaging that will do fine with extreme weather while still protecting your products. You can also look into sourcing a reliable packaging supplier that will take care of all of your packaging needs. While this option might seem like more money upfront, returned goods, and bad customer reviews are a lot more expensive. 

3. Shipping Options

Do your homework when it comes to who will ship your products. Shop around until you find the best shipping deal that won't break the bank but will ensure timely delivery. 

You want to find a reputable shipping company that can arrange shipments for goods all around the globe and that has a good reputation for shipping on time. Check how long they have been in business and what others are saying about their services before you sign any contracts. 

4. Warehouse Optimization

If your products are disorganized when an order comes in, you are asking for a headache. Optimizing your warehouse and product storage will make your operations move faster and smoother. 

Organize your top sellers in the same area and somewhere where they are easier to reach. Take the time to put everything that is seasonal in the same area, and maximize the space you have. 

Ready to Tackle Your Business Logistics?

Now that you have our top tips to iron out your own business logistics you can get to work. The sooner you start implementing everything above, the sooner you will have a positive outcome to help you level up your business because you will have a smooth-running operation. 

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