5 Best Android Apps For Playing Slots

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Pokies are the most common type of casino game players prefer. They are easy and fun, with none of the painful thinking and decision-making involved. 

These days, with the immense choice of pokies, you have a great choice of themes, jackpots, betting minimums, etc. And often you indeed may be playing to actually score that win. But sometimes it's just about some innocent free fun just to see if you get lucky. 

How Pokies Are Wired 

Some players believe that when playing for free you are more likely to win, therefore making you more inclined to join and play for real money. In reality, random number generators used for pokies are the same everywhere. Which means any win you score is indeed you being lucky or choosing the right betting strategy. 

All in all, playing slots through special apps is just as exciting, but you cannot really cash out the money. 

Surely, you can also play free casino slots at most online casinos, including at Televega, which is very well-liked among Aussie gamblers. But with an app, you can enjoy more flexibility and smoothness of experience, with games adapted perfectly for mobile devices. 

Free Slots For Androids Available To Everyone 

To enjoy free pokies, you don't need to sign up with a casino, make a deposit and follow any terms, which sometimes can be quite strict. They don’t care where you are from - Australia or any other country. The best part is that you can get your hands on truly unique releases. 

For Android users, there also are top free slot games, much like those ratings of regular machines at online casinos. So you can get the best of the best on the go without having to worry about verification and cashing out. 

1. Rocket Speed 

If you are looking for classic pokies or would like to spend some time entertained by a specific theme or cartoon character, you could not do better than Rocket Speed. This one offers 100% offline well-designed games; pick what you love best and get right down to it. Players can use their in-game currency of enjoy the free mode. It's also great that they offer many options other apps do not have. 

2. 777 Slots 

777 Slots is a famous and popular manufacturer of free Android games. This is your chance to really dive in that casino atmosphere everyone is so excited about. They give you a proper taste of bonuses, themes, and promo events that have you competing against others. Besides pokies, there are also a few poker games, in case you ever feel like it. 

3. Super Lucky Casino 

Super Lucky Casino app brings you a handsome variety of themes, daily rewards and even tournament style events. Ever wondered how it feels beating the rivals in one of those casino races? You can experience that for yourself any time without putting the real money down. 

4. 616Digital 

616Digital is a highly-rated company offering a few fun pokies for real fans. You have a choice between free-pay and once-pay pokies. That means you decide whether you want to just spin the reels or might be interested to try in-app purchases. 

The difference is that the free ones don’t get updated, unlike their paid counterparts. However, considering you can spin those with no internet connection required from anywhere, the choice is still good. 

5. HUUUGE Global 

HUUUGE Global is known for fun and polished pokies that can be played without any regard for internet connection. You can play them for coins, which you receive every once in a while for free. What's noteworthy about this studio is that they offer a variety of mechanics, unlike most others. If you aren't into one, there is always the option to try another and see if that's a better fit. 

Time To Start Spinning! 

Just to make it abundantly clear - none of the pokie companies above give you a shot at real cash. But their pokie games are great if you are just looking for some quick fun on the go, online or offline.

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