3 Ways To Make Your Office More Appealing

ways to make your office more appealing work space tips

An office that feels welcoming and comfortable will usually make staff more productive and eager than an environment that is depressing, dated, and a bit tired. If your office requires an overhaul, both aesthetically and in terms of the general mood, then look no further. Here are 3 ways to make your office more appealing. 

1. Check The Temperature 

Although you might not think that room temperature would make much of a difference to the mood of an office, you would be wrong! When you are way too hot or really cold, are you more or less inclined to stay busy and feel motivated? The answer, of course, is less. Not only is it uncomfortable, but the wrong temperature can make your brain less likely to engage and may also affect concentration. Make sure your office temperature is well regulated, and your office should generally feel like a nicer place to be. 

2. Make It Look Appealing 

If you want your office to be more appealing, then it probably goes without saying that it should look that way too! If the general office d├ęcor needs to be updated, give it a lick of paint or add some neutral, hard wearing wallpaper. 

Some nice art on the walls should also help to make it feel a bit more contemporary. Modern planters placed in various locations and filled with plants will add pops of color around the office and will help to create a lovely ambiance. 

If there is lots of clutter and paperwork lying around, try to encourage staff to clear away anything they don't need and make sure any common areas are kept clean and neat. The phrase 'Tidy House, Tidy Mind' also applies in an office environment. If it looks the part, staff will be more likely to take pride in their work, and it will encourage them to keep it looking good. 

3. Promote Social Activity 

When staff get to know each other a bit better, it can make a huge difference to the general feel of the place. It's also more likely that they will help each other out and make an effort to work as a team. If possible, create a dedicated canteen area where staff can sit and enjoy lunch or a coffee break together. 

Another great way to promote social activity and make your office far more welcoming is to organize social events with your whole team. Whether it be getting together at the local bar for a few drinks after work or a more structured team building event like paintballing, it's a great way to get colleagues to spend a bit of time together. 

Improve Your Office Space Significantly 

As you can see, even the smallest of changes can potentially make a big difference. The more appealing your office is, the more loyal and happy your staff are likely to be. A welcoming office is also more likely to appeal to customers too, so make adaptions where needed and you could very quickly reap the benefits.

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